Squeaky Clutch pedal (2011 Subaru Impreza)

Hi, I recently (1.5 months ago) had my clutch replaced because my clutch pivot ball was making noise and with 70000 miles on the clutch, the mechanic suggested replacing the entire thing. The clutch works beautifully, except that just recently my clutch pedal has started to make a squeak/ creak noise. It’s not very loud, although it seems louder when it’s particularly hot and muggy. It sounds like it is coming from the pedal and it makes the noise regardless of whether the car is on or off. Any advice as to what might be causing this?

Does the noise occur when you depress or release the pedal? Or when it is depressed and stationary?

Both when depressed and released

The pedal pivots on a bushing. Some lubricant needs to be sprayed up in there. My personal preference is motorcycle chain lube as it seems to penetrate well and last longer than products such as WD-40.

Hopefully the problem is in the pedal bushing and not in the throwout bearing guide sleeve.