Numerous codes

abs light on, control descent fault, no speed control, service brake light on abs module???

Are you asking? Or telling?

I can only suggest you take it to the appropriate shop for repair.

See my reply to steveb99 in this thread. 2015 Ford F-150 - ABS issues?

2015 Ford F150 4-wheel drive 143, 000 mi: Please let me start over.
Started vehicle service advance trac light came on; ABS light came on; hill descent control fault light came on; red brake light on dash came on; and speed control wouldn’t work… Took it to the nearest Ford dealership who reset the battery…told me this might help…and gave me their next available appointment which is Wednesday of next week. The truck is running but all of the above lights are still on. I took it to a local person who ran the codes which indicated ABS module trouble. This person does not repair cars but uses the code reader in his business. Does ABS module trouble sound consistent with the problems I’m showing?
The local NAPA store said they cannot get that Ford part but if they could it would be upwards of $700 so Lord only knows what it will cost for a Ford dealership to repair it. Is it feasible to get a reputable independent repair shop to do the work or is this a difficult repair and better done by Ford repair folks despite the cost?

It should be doable by any competent mechanic with the right tools. The system will need to be bled and the new module programmed, not a DIY job for most of us, but a pro? Sure.

Yes it is consistent with EVERY warning light you are seeing. All these sub-systems use the ABS system. The cruise control is probably disabled when any of these errors occur. You don’t “reset” batteries but he may have disconnected it to clear the codes. Once cleared they obviously came straight back.

Not sure of the design used on this truck, but I think the ABS comes in 2 parts… the electronic parts and the mechanical parts… which makes things less expensive to repair. It would be rather uncommon for the ABS to fail which leads me to think there may be another root cause. Let Ford diagnose the problem… that will cost you a bit… and let them give you an estimate for repair.

If you need a new ABS part, the independent mechanic is going to go straight to the Ford dealer for parts since NAPA doesn’t have it. That means only the labor cost will be lower. I’d just let Ford fix it, if it were mine.

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