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Someone help me please

What rims will fit a 1994 Saab 9000? I cannot find the offset. I know the size is 16x6.5 and the lug pattern is 4x108MM.

Remove one of the wheels and look for markings cast into the backside of the wheel. Typically, european cars will have this info on their factory wheels. You’ll might see something like “16 X 6.5 E36”. The “36” in this case means 36mm offset.

If it’s not there, then often times the owner’s manual or a factory repair manual will have it.

“Someone help me please” is a lousy title for a thread.

Just sayin’…


You can also try finding some rims for your car at it should tell you what the size and offset is and you can also use it to establish what rims interchange, if you’re trying to find some used ones for example.