How do I know what size steel rim would fit my van

This weekend I plan on going out and looking for a steel rim for my Kia Mini van. I know what tire size my van takes, but how do I know what type of size I need to look for at salvage yards for a rim?

Go here, and put in your vehicle information. Then click on matching vehicles and it will provide what wheels from what vehicles will fit on your vehicle.


You won’t be able to identify the correct wheel from a pile of used wheels. You will have to remove the wheel from a Sedona of the same year or same body style to be sure. Then check the marking on the wheel to be sure it is the correct size, ie; 16"X6".

The salvage yards can tell you which Kia wheels will work from a part interchange catalog.

If it is a full service yard the wheel they bring you may be marked with a liquid marker “02 sedona”. If the wheel is not marked you will find out if it fits when you try to install it.

Iwent to tirerack to see what they would cost and they listed 15X6.5
so I am guessing that is the size but wasn’t sure adn didn’t know if there was a way to tell on the rim itself…

Sometimes it’s stamped on the inside of the rim.

But you could always just measure it.

15 x 6.5 means it’s 15" diameter…with a 6.5" width.

Then there’s the offset. How much inward or outward is the hub from the center of the rim.

ugg…I think I will just try to find a kia sedona and remove the wheel…

…or the more common Hyundai Entourage.
They are the same vehicle mechanically, with only slight cosmetic differences.

Your year Kia was a real small seller. So the chances of finding a steel rim that fits may be slim. If you were looking for a Dodge Caravan I would say easy. I hope it works for the best.

Not only do you have to worry about the offset you also have to determine whether it’s the right bolt pattern for the lug nuts to fit into. Different cars and sometimes different models of the same make car use different bolt patterns. I have 5 Ford Escorts of different year models that use two different lug patterns. I also have a Ford Contour that has the same bolt pattern as some of the Escorts. The wheels off the Contour will work on the Escorts, but the Escort wheels won’t work on the front of the Contour because they hit the brake caliper.

According to they have it for $50, but I was hoping not to spend that much, so we will see.

Also what are the odds that other year Kia Sedona’s have the same rim type? Like a 2004 or 5?