The best tires

I have a saab linear 93. Can you tell me what the best and most affordable tires


and size?

I cannot find the owner’s manual ;-(


Read the tire size off the side wall of the tire. The speed rating is also there.

Tire Rack ( says that th estandard tire for a 2004 2.0T Saab Linear sedan is 205/65-15. But other rims were available. It should also have the service rating right after the size. It is two numerals, representing the load index, and a lett (speed rating).

You can do your research on then take this information to your local tire store…

I like my Michelins on two of my trucks and my Firestones on the other two.

Without knowing specifically what you are seeking in a tire (eg winter traction) I would recommend Kumho tires as a whole for affordable and good to decent tires.

If you need winter traction in an affordable all-season the Continental Extreme Contact is a great choice.

Call around to multiple shops for installed price as tire prices vary widely.

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With a tire purchase, everything is negotiable, including the fee charged for mounting and balancing. New valve stems are standard. Avoid costly add-on’s (extra profit added on) like extended warranty’s and road-hazard guarantees…

“I want these 4 tires mounted, balanced, disposal fees, taxes, down the road. HOW MUCH??” That’s the only number that counts and they may try to hide it until the tires are already on your car…Knowledge is power…