Will 16in rims fit on my Ranger

Just wondering if anyone can tell me if 16 inch rims will fit on my 1997 Ford Ranger Stepside. I was just thinking about putting bigger tires on it, but dont want to buy them and find out they wont fit.

I think you have a 5 on 4 1/2" lug pattern. That won’t necessarily assure a good fit. The calipers can require a certain back spacing and offset to fit.

For example, the Liberty shares the same bolt pattern as a Wrangler but has different offset and backspacing. It still fits, but alters the steering geometry since it sits in a different locations for the contact patch. It alters the scrub radius. Where the axis of turning is in relations to the contact patch.

Ford sells 16s for the Ranger, so they can fit. It depends if you have the right bolt pattern, wheel width, and wheel offset.

Begining in 98, a 16 was a factory option.
The key to fitting on your truck will be the TIRE SIZE not the rim size.

Ive posted a site with a good primer that can help you select a tire size appropriate to the new rim size that would give you a comparable rolling circumference and tire width.

It also clarify the issues of offset and rim width. You want to be sure the rim width is appropriate for the tire tize you select…or vica-versa.

Another place to check is tirerack.com, they’ll give you the appropriate sizes for you Ranger.