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We have a 1996 Saab 9000 CSE that is in need of some repairs. Looking for some good websites or salvage yards that might have necessary parts. We have worked with groups like Alfa Heaven to find parts for our old Alfa. Is there any such thing for Saabs?

  1. the door locking mechanism has quit working. Thru a local mechanic, they were able to find parts to make the necessary repairs to the two front door locks and the driver’s side rear door. They were unable to locate an acutator for the passenger side rear door (left side facing the car).
  2. Also looking for headlights for this same car. Local mechanic unable to resource headlights for the 96 Saab CSE. Thanks

I emailed sweden pleading for help when I could not find a headlight. They helped locate one even contacting the US Dealer I had mentioned.

For a source in Oklahoma you might do a net search for Bethany Imports and Oklahoma Foreign. They’re both salvage yards that are reputable and have been around forever.

On the 'net, you might check out the parts section on saabcentral. com and

I have a stash of SAAB parts but none for a 9000; only the 900 series. Hope the above helps.

DelMar sounds like Delaware/Maryland. There is a large auto salvage operation just over the Bay Bridge and east of Annapolis. Brandywine Auto Parts is at the intersection of US301 and MD4 in Upper Marlboro. Here’s their URL:

They also have an operation just south of Salisbury in Eden, MD.,, and are excellent sources for new Saab parts. Check out for used parts. I bought a used radiator fan for a very reasonable price using that directory. Also don’t forget to look on eBay and some of the major car part sites like

Goldwing Saab ( is a great resource for used Saab parts; they will surely have what you need. FYI - Any Saab 9000 from '93 through '98 will interchange most body parts for your '96, including the headlight. The door lock actuators are the same from '86 through '98.

As someone who’s rebuilding a '94 9000 Aero at the moment, I can say with some surety that the parts are out there, you just have to know where to look.

For used parts :
Goldwing (
Pick-n-pull yards

For new parts:

I also often check Saab community sites like,, and (and others!); most community sites will have classified ads - look for people parting out cars. We’re a tight knit group, and we try to help each other out.