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Some of the drivers with whom we share the road

…are reckless morons like this young guy.
At least the driver of the truck that he hit at 114 mph wasn’t hurt.

If this young guy survives his serious injuries, I wonder if he will change his ways.

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I don’t understand why the authorities only said they “might” charge the guy, assuming he survives

It should be the case that he definitely faces charges if he survives

I sure hope he wasn’t driving his mom or dad’s car. On top of all the grief they’re in now, it would be awful if they now don’t have a car to drive to work.

If he survives, he should be forced to go to high schools and colleges and speak to people about the dangers of driving fast and recklessly, and don’t use facebook while driving.

Once each year, my school convened an assembly so that the students could hear from “Hector”, a young man who was paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair as a result of his reckless/drunken driving. Even though adolescents always seem to think that “this can’t happen to me”, it did appear that most were deeply affected by seeing someone close to their own age who had ruined his life as a result of…stupid…driving.

At least now he has plenty of time to text his friends. :scream:

If he lives. :worried:

His friends are quite possibly just as immature as he is

And if he lives, they’ll probably lose touch with him very quickly

That’s just my gut feeling

I know that. I chose to be insensitive.