HORRIFIC VIDEO....You might not want to watch it but the young drivers in your family should

I clicked on this video this morning and it brought back memories from my youth. I guess we were all a little reckless back then but we survived somehow. The young father that died in this video must have known his fate before it happened seconds later because the fear in his voice is evident as he neared his doom. The driver in the video was not licensed. I’m only posting this because it may be a wake-up call to young drivers everywhere. I have a queasy feeling in my stomach right now after watching this video.


The biggest flag I see is that the kids were “high on a cocktail of drugs.” Not that not being high would have made their actions any safer, but if you remove one of the dangerous behaviors, the others might not be as fatal. Unlicensed driver, excessive speed, youthful confidence and showmanship, and drugs. Take away even one and it becomes a little less dangerous.

I’m 45 years old. I think I’m probably among the last age group that had to watch the film “Red Asphalt” as part of high school.

And yes, I did many stupid and reckless things in my youth too.

I’ve probably done all the stupid things you mentioned; just had the sense not to do 'em all at once!

I dunno. A young father, on drugs, letting another guy drive without a license, and laughing during the whole affair? I don’t think I ever came close to that and after being a father, taking care of the family was priority one. Why would it be 90 miles per hour though in England? Seems to me it would more likely be 90 KPH. Hard to tell from the speedo though but it was right hand drive, right?

I am not mean, just honest so here it is:
21 year old father with a 5 year old daughter, drugs, speeding etc.
This guy was not the pillar of the community and was not a good role model. Now this child might have a better chance to grow up and not to follow her father’s stupid mistakes.

I am back after watching the video.
At this point I am going to be mean.
Good riddance and thank God they did not hit any of the cars they were swerving around. Thank God they did not hit anybody on the sidewalks and did not plow into anybody head on.
It does not matter if it was 90 kph or 90 mph. Dark night, narrow streets and two morons high on drugs behind the wheel.

I think the release of this video by the parents in order to try to impress on other young drivers the dangers of doing drugs, drinking, and speeding was an act of great courage and compassion. My prayers are with the families. May God bless them.


I am with TSM on this. It is very difficult for any parent to put this out there and subject themselves to all sorts of comments/judgement. Kudos to them for trying to teach a lesson to all younger kids out there. God give them peace and solace.

@Bing they use mph in England too, not kph.

That video is on the Danish news as of today. Sad, but not surprising. As TSM says - My prayers are with the families. May God bless them.

Double Darwin Award? Beg pardon, but where is the “horrific” part? No blood or guts splattered on the windshield, just a shaky video with garbled dialog, then it all shakes and goes dark.

When I took high school drivers ed, we had to watch actual accident scene movies with actual footage of dead bodies, blood, etc. As I recall, the law was that because they were showing actual bodies, they had to hold the footage for 10 years before they could show it, and of course, the school used the same videos every year, so most of the filmstrips (remember those?) we saw were 1960’s vintage. Yuck, I can still remember some of those images. (Of course this was footage the police shot when they arrived at the scene(s) of the accident(s), and then some of them would do re-enactments of the behavior that led to the accident(s).)

These days, due to budget cuts, they don’t teach drivers ed in the local public high school, they make you go pay a private company for it, so I don’t know if they show them that stuff nowadays.

Oh, whoops, I just realized, the one guy already has a daughter so I guess that disqualifies him for a Darwin Award. . . heavy sigh. . .

Back in the 60’s we never saw the films but we lived by a couple dangerous curves so got a chance to see death close up for real.

A similar “horrific” video:

I love how the yellow Plymouth coupe suddenly turns into a newer white sedan.