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Periscope while driving

I think this has got to be the ultimate distracted driving form. If you don’t know what Periscoping is you can google the app and see. Basically you stream live video of yourself to the whole world with your phone. The viewers send text that rolls up on the screen so the driver has to not only read the text but also digest it and reply verbally. Kind of like putting on a show and you’re the star. So of coarse there are tons of kids doing this and an unbelievably number of them are doing it while driving. Even see truckers doing it while driving. Come truckers be professional and set the example.

Perhaps Darwin will do his bit. But think of the collateral damage.

Truckers, that is really bad.

I have not heard of Periscope but it sounds like one more way for society to weed out the moron segment. Unfortunately, they will take out not so moronic innocents also.

There has been several SnapChat incidents lately with the app that shows how fast you’re going and displays it.
In Georgia some young woman ran her Mercedes into a Mitsubishi at 107 MPH; leaving the Mitsu driver brain damaged and in a wheelchair for life.
While the bimbo was in the ambulance with bandages and blood on her she continues the SnapChat BS while on the gurney. No thoughts or concern about the guy whose life she has ruined…

In Philadelphia a young woman was using SnapChat to show them doing 75 in a 40 or something like that. She and her 2 female friends had been out partying. She rammed a parked semi from behind and witnesses stated they could hear the 3 young ladies screaming as they were all burned alive.

Cell phone idiocy has gone completely off the rails. Something needs to be done but I don’t know what.

As for truckers doing things like this; ouch. They’re just piling on the problem and any trucker doing this should get canned immediately.