Slow down!

Today, in California, a young man was driving so fast on an expressway that, when he was ejected from his car as a result of a multiple rollover accident, his body wound up suspended from a road sign, 20 feet above the roadway.

Slow down!

Any jerk going that fast on a busy freeway, probably without wearing a seatbelt, is not going to listen to you or me or anyone else.

Maybe they should pass a law. Yeah that would help.

Natural selection at work,thinning out the herd. Can only hope they do not hurt anyone else

I wonder just how fast he was going to get thrown that high.
What an ignominious way to have your life ended; dangling like a side of beef at the slaughter house and in full public view.

Steve stole my thoughts.

Obviously no seat belt, or he’d have stayed inside the largely intact car with side curtain airbags. The centrifugal (centripetal?) force as he rolled was responsible for tossing him that high, in fact probably higher than the sign. That’s just where he landed. Probably never had time to say oh shiiii. Not a good way to go.

Last I saw on the news he was passing on the shoulder and hit a F150 with his Fiesta. They also had a interview with his boss who said he had a habit of driving fast and reckless.

Should’ve been on a motorcycle. Then it would have been normal.

Seriously, how can anyone be stupid enough to pull those stunts during the morning rush? I see fools around here pulling similar stunts, and I can’t believe they didn’t cause an accident either.

Yes, slow down and BELT UP!!!

While he might still have sustained significant injuries even if he had belted himself into the car, the chance of being ejected is extremely small for a driver who is smart enough to use his seat belt.

Coming home one night on the interstate, I was doing at least 70 and was passed by two motorcycles like I was standing still. So they had to be doing 80 or so, on one wheel, going down the freeway. I thought for sure I’d see them splattered on the road ahead. Took me a while to quite shaking. I don’t know what drives these people.

Had to go to chicago today, a few speed demons on the road passing anything they could no matter how many lanes they crossed on a 3 lane interstate. One was an impala, beefed up suspension and probably motor, racing with a bmw something or another. Talented drivers I assume, ust out for a joyride.

Was that the guy with the flocked paint job?

I’ll go a little off-topic

A few days ago, I was transitioning from one freeway to the next. The transition involves a right turn

Anyways, I was in the right lane, and an idiot passed ME on the right, in the breakdown lane

I say idiot, because he literally couldn’t see what was around the bend, so to speak. That’s not a situation when you should pass, especially not in the breakdown lane

Well, when he did come around the bend, he had to slam on the brakes, because there actually was a car broken down in the breakdown lane. He knew he wouldn’t be able to stop, so he stepped on the brakes and quickly veered to the left, without looking if anybody was actually in that lane.

There actually was somebody inside that broken down car, on the phone. Had that car been hit, it would have been severe, because the idiot was probably doing 75 or 80 when he passed me

Anyways, I hope the idiot who was passing in the breakdown lane wet their pants, because they need to learn to slow down and drive safely. It would have been glorious if he’d done #2 in his pants, with his girlfriend/wife and kids in the car with him. “Daddy, why are you sweating profusely?” “Daddy, what’s that smell?” :naughty:

He apparently has the same mindset and driving skills as the guy who was driving that Ford

He was driving a Fiesta, he couldn’t have been driving too fast. What will they do, 95 or a hundred maybe?

oldtimer 11: That’s why we called the originals that first appeared in the mid 1970s “Siestas”.

@Barkydog: Anyone that chooses an Impala for their primary ride, not that they’re not decent enough family cars, is not likely any kind of a pro driver IMHO. I suppose you could beef one up, but I think it would be well down the list of choices for most street racers. I doubt anything was beefed up and he was just taking his chances and let the chips fall where they may. Or maybe it was a road rage thing.

^Depends. A modern, FWD Impala is a slightly-spicier Camry…but an old-school RWD Impala (SS?) is a big, bad car!