Snake in car

Hello, I am uncertain if you can help…I had a 3 ft snake crawl up underneath my car. Security officers at my work could not get it out and an auto shop had no luck. They assured me it could not get into the inside of my car and it would make its way out eventually. Is there any way to know for sure it is out? And, is it 100% positive it can not crawl into any vent and get into my car? I do not want to commit suicide by jumping out of the car while it is moving if it comes through a vent. Thank you!

What type of snake?
Boa? Garter? Python? Green Mamba? Cross Viper?

I doubt it can gain access to your car, as there aren’t any holes large enough to the air conditioning system to allow it access, and I also doubt its still in your car at this point.


I’m curious…why didn’t you just move your car?

I’m more curious…Did you see this event happen?? Where do you live?

I can see your concern if it “dies” up there. I’d go to a pest control business and see what they can do. So far, you’ve only talked with car experts, not “snake” people.

Sounds like the makings of a movie…“snake in a car.”

Would it be fair to say that you’re tired of this motherfather snake in your car?

The snake was curled up next to my tire…(my car is small, so the tire is right under the driver door)it would not move and a gentlemen poked it with his golf club. Instead of slithering away, it crawled immediately up and under my car. (I was in a parking garage so I suspect he came from my car initially and crawled out during the day)I don’t know snakes … but it was about 3 feet long, black and slightly more plump than a bratwurst. Maybe a pest or snake charmer is my best bet…

From the description, I don’t think it’s dangerous to human life.

And if you play your cards right, you’ve just ensured that your car will never become infested with rats. (Even if you never see them at all, snakes are better than rats. Look up “hantavirus”.)

Of course, if you’re all fired up about getting rid of your quiet, well-behaved, non-shedding (other than once a year and then it’s all in one easy-to-dispose-of piece) hitchhiker, you can see about finding someone with a roadrunner. I know they hunt and kill rattlesnakes, and I would guess they’re flexible if offered a meal of a similar but unrelated species.

Ok…I guess I will just put on my “I’m a big girl now” panties and let it be…possibly name my new friend?

I think anything that unexpectedly slithers up your leg while you’re driving 70 MPH is dangerous to human life.

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I agree.

I’d suggest you contact either a specialist in exterminating critters or your state’s Department of Agriculture office. These folks can identify the snake and have the expertise in how to get it out.

On a warm day, let the car run outside with the air conditioning cranked for a while. If he’s still in there, I suspect he’d move from the cold inside to the warm outside pretty quickly.

Good thing there was a gentlemen patrolling your parking area with a golf club. Nothing says “trained snakehandler” like “let me poke it with my golf club.” In my day gentlemen carried walking sticks. The better move would probably have been for you to get in the passenger side.

The snake should be pretty hungry by now. May be placing a dead mouse carcass nearby ? Send the car for a trip up north and have some one you don’t like drive the car.

I had a snake slither out of my brothers hands and it went under my dashboard. It will not come out and it appears to be a milk snake. We saved it from the street and it was very docile . We were going to let it go by his house right around the corner. I am doing a head slap as I should have never let him bring it in my car. I am not afraid of snakes as I have this brother to thank for that! I knew how to catch snakes at a young age. I guess my question is how do I get it out? I put the top down and I plan to put it up before bed and leave the windows open a bit. Problem is I won’t know if it comes out or not. I need to drive some on a major hwy. where the speed limit is 75 and I don’t want it coming out then!!! Short of taking the dash off of my classic camaro what can I do? Thank you

“it appears to be a milk snake.”

Stuff like that always makes me wonder. Copperheads can also “appear” to be milksnakes.

I’ll bet with a little creativity you might be able to fashion something approximating this out of regular stuff you can find around the house:

Whether things like that work or not I couldn’t say.

Location will have a lot to do with the type of snake the OP mentions. The OP says it was black and I gather a bit thick from the description. If this is down South and near water of any sort it could be a Cottonmouth. (bad news)
Having a head larger than the body itself can also point to a venoumous snake.
If the above applies, maybe a pet Mongoose is in order. :slight_smile:

We’ve got rat snakes here and I shoot 5 or 6 of them a year. Allegedly they’re called rat snakes for a reason but all I ever see them doing is climbing in the trees going after birds.
It’s also impossible to keep them out of the house if they want in, and as my wife (while screaming) found out several times.

Snakes do not like mothballs, the old fashioned kind. You could put a few in the car overnight with a window rolled down but remove them before driving the vehicle. They are not good for people either, especially in a confined space.

Contact animal control and describe the snake to them, including body size, head size and shape, coloration, and markings. You may not remember all of the above, but it will help them guess at what type of snake it is. If they think it’s dangerous, they will probably come out and try to get the snake out from under your car.

About the only way in is through the fresh air vent. It would have to break through the cabin air filter, crawl through the blower motor, and out of one of the air vents. This seems unlikely to me.

You might be able to get a trap from animal control with a live mouse in it. The snake crawls into the cage to eat the mouse but can’t get back out when the trap door closes.