Snake and mouse in car HELP!

About 2 weeks ago we found a mouse in the car and then it disappeared after searching and searching we could not find it or any trace of it… And now this week as I was driving a snake starts slithering on my foot of course freaking out as I hate snakes I pulled over and tried to find it and of course it was nowhere to be found we used a stick and tried to make it come out but I know there’s plenty of places for it to hid as it was a about 3 ft long and we can’t get it out as it comes out and then we try to grab it and it hides before we can… He is a fast one… Suggestions on how to get the snake out??? And how to prevent a mouse from getting in the car?? We have come to the conclusion that the snake was coming for the mouse that he has apparently ate because if it would have died in the car in this heat then there would be a horrible odor right? Any suggestions at all please!!!

Go to a hardware store and find a snake repellent. Soak a rag with it, put it in a plastic container/tub/bucket and put that in the car. Wait a little while. Then open all the doors open, crack a beer, relax and see if it leaves on its own. I have no idea if this works. It’s probably what I would try.

If the car is parked in the dark with a door open to view a lamp pointing toward the ground the snake will likely move to the light. When camping on moonless nights snakes have often been drqwn to the campfire. They were cool, sluggish and almost comical.

How large is the snake? By now you have likely discovered what variety of snake it was. Obviously it wasn’t poisonous, thankfully. But for a snake to get in the car it must be small enough to squeeze through a small hole or large enough to raise itself over the threshold of a door.

Find your local herpetological society and ask them for advice.

I would park the car in the cold.
Place a spot light 3 feet above shining into a 6-inch tall cardboard box containing a towel to make a nice warm cozy bed.
When snake is in the box, throw a towel on top and take the box out and let the poor snake leave on its own.

The point could be made that just because you were not bitten does not mean the snake is non-venomous. It might be best to avoid grabbing at it unless the species is identified.
Odds are that it’s a rat snake (hope) and those things are near impossible to keep out of something if they want in.

If the above suggestions don’t pan out it may be time to visit Rent-A-Mongoose… … :slight_smile:

I’d call a professional period. I wouldn’t deal with either one. I still remember my mom in the 50’s running down the driveway in pure fright when there was a garder snake in the yard. We had a guy in Minneapolis just drive his Humvee into the Missisippi but that would be the last resort. Maybe going to have to wrap the car in plastic and use one of those pest bombs to be sure-but then the snake is dead in the car. Don’t know what that would smell like.

Or you could hire this guy to get that snake

The snake no doubt noticed the mouse,too and wanted a meal. It should leave on its own once the meal is consumed. Your state or local government has an agricultural extension service that can provide advice or give you the phone number of an expert that can help. I did this to identify a brownish-red snake. We have copperheads in our area and I wanted to make sure what it was. Based on the size and physical appearance, the expert identified it as a species harmless to humans. I would make the call before poking around the car.

Your state’s Department of Agriculture office might be able to help. They have experts in these areas, and their services are free.

Snakes are a good thing. That’s why I agree with all the previous advice in coercing the snake to leave and getting help to do it. . While a mouse, you kill on sight if possible.:wink:

I always thought some head banging rock playing in a car could repel critters. Put the speakers in the car, turn it up to just below your annoyance level and let me know if it works!

Snakes are deaf, @Barkydog.

@Rod_Knox Dang it all, I had no idea, maybe a disco ball reflecting infared lights? If the sound drives the prey away, the predator will follow?

If the snake eats that mouse it could rest for weeks before needing to eat again.

Snakes are deaf
But they can detect the Vibrations, turn the bass all the way up and the volume well past your tolerance maybe it would work.

Great idea. I would suggest a lot of hard rock first. Or, you could go the other way with elevator music. How about the Milli Vannilli ? Eventually, there must be some music you could find that no self respecting serpent could stand.

I wonder if a bee keepers smoker would encourage the snake to exit?

The mere thought of Milli Vannilli makes me ill and want run the other way. And I have, at times, been called a snake.


Milli Vannilli . . . ?

Those fakers weren’t elevator music

The ASPCA might consider Milli Vannilli music cruelty. Even to a deaf snake.