Another Snake in the Car Story

I live in rural Virginia. I bought a 1997 Honda Civic from a friend about 2 months ago for $1500. When he was cleaning it out, he noticed a “black snake” crawl into the under carriage. After a few weeks with now snake sighting, we all assumed the snake had moved on. So, I bought the car. This morning, as I was loading groceries, I noticed about 5 inches of snake skin hanging out from where I shift into park, drive, etc. down near the floor (as opposed to the steering wheel). The shed skin is brown. I guess this means the snake is NOT dead or gone. Plus, the snake may not be a black snake. Do you think the snake can get into the passenger compartment? Suggestions for getting ride of the snake? I have called the extension office. Yikes!!!

Take your Civic to a detail shop. Tell them in advance about the snake. They will be able to locate it because I had to do this one time in Georgia. My wife refused to ride in the car until the snake was removed. It was a harmless variety but it could have just as well been a rattlesnake or copperhead. It was found under the carpet in the back floorboard.

I doubt the snake got inside the car as that would be near impossible to do unless there’s a missing body plug somewhere.
Odds are that it was a rat snake. They’re common, black or dark gray in color, and like to climb.
They’re also harmless but may put on an acting job if cornered.

I’ve wrestled a few of them out from a utility trailer I own. They like to climb up on the axles and so on and scrape their skin off.

Next step is to buy a mongoose… :slight_smile:

Do you have animal control in your area? My county has an animal control group and they helped with animals in my old home. Maybe there is a group near you. Check the phone book or on line to see how to contact them.

It’s hard to tell if the snake is inside or outside the car, based on what you say. But if you think it might be inside, and you are certain it is not one with a poison bite, why not consider to hire some neighborhood kids to remove it for you. Parental approval of course. 10 year olds – at least it was true when I was a 10 year old kid – would probably pay YOU for this opportunity.


You were a twisted kid

Locating and removing a snake of unknown variety from the neighbors car? There’s no way THIS parent would give his “approval”!

A few snakes have gotten into my house now and then. That usually led to a moderate level of pandemonium… :slight_smile:

When a snake sheds its skin it is mostly a tan color regardless of the snakes color, The black snakes, often with whitish specks, are called rat snakes and king snakes in my area and they are actually beneficial as they eat rats, mice and other snakes. Varieties of that snake range throughout the eastern US I understand. If the car is parked in the sun with the windows rolled up the interior heat will have the snake looking for an exit. Once the car heats up open a door and it should make a run for it.

Lets see, red next to yellow, dangerous fellow but not always. Let an adult pro handle it.

I found this video. Somewhat amusing and enlightening I hope.

@Virginia54–If you have Geico insurance, just call your insurance agent. Geico will have the snake out of your car and making television commercials pedaling Geico insurance in no time.