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Afraid of snakes in cars?

Here’s another snake in car story…or, since this is from south Texas, snake in truck. We had had a big rain on the ranch. I got in my truck to see if I could make it to the settlement, and what did I find? No big deal, really. I took the time to grab my camera and get the shot before encouraging the snake to leave. Is there a problem??

Only if he invited his un-seen friends !

probably just getting warm. but I would find his entry point and seal it.

I admire your calmness about this. is that a rattle snake? it could be next time if not this time

Do you ever leave your windows down? I found out that snakes can climb up into most vehicles if the windows are down when I was stationed in Georgia. I was lucky because it was a harmless water snake but Georgia is full of rattlesnakes, cottonmouths and copperheads.

That’s a male snake. How can I tell? It’s pressing on the accelerator!

Or driving a stick shift.

Who hasn’t had a black rat snake in their car? I work in a state park and borrowed a van from another state park for delivering people around at a conference. While I was driving, I noticed that a black rat snake appeared on the floorboard. I caught it and let it go. When I asked the loaning park about it, they said, “Yeah, we wondered what happened to that sake. One minute it was in the cage in the back and then it was gone.” The funny part is that I was not frightened - guess that’s the park ranger in me!

If you are going to have a snake in the car, that’s the right kind to have, with the round head. The kind the with flat head, not so much. That one, he’s a pretty good looking snake. For a snake I mean. That’s a good photo, thanks for posting.

@woolly1983‌, you knew what the snake was. Since it was a harmless rat snake, why would you be frightened? I always wonder what is up with my wife and neighbors when they see a snake. They see a SNAKE, while I see a helpful predator that eats rodents. Even if the snake is so young that it still eats insects, the wife and neighbors are frightened. I mean no poisonous snakes, of course. If I’m not sure, I leave it alone. But I’m not going to beat it with a shovel just because I can.

jt, I think that you got woolly confused with the op.

I have a big copperhead lurking around beside my garage somewhere. I have a feeling I m gonna get in trouble when I shoot it in town limits.

black snakes get to live tho

those black racers are mean as fire . I ve had a big 7 or 8 foot one chase me and the kids on my sons baseball team once when we were checking it out. we ran like little girls, it raised its head up about 2 feet off the ground and charged us

" I ve had a big 7 or 8 foot one chase me and the kids on my sons baseball team once when we were checking it out "

That visual is priceless…

Looks like a rat snake to me. There’s a lot of them around here and they all get shot for the simple reason that they spend very little time eating rodents and most of the time traveling through the tree tops eating bird eggs and baby birds.

I’d rather have birds than snakes, so that’s why I keep a .22 beside the door. The last one I nailed about 40 feet up in a tree fell and hit the ground with a young mourning dove sticking halfway out of its mouth…

the bad part was that we were in a dry ditch with brush all around us. we went in and came back out in short order

"I ve had a big 7 or 8 foot one chase me and the kids on my sons baseball team , , ,"
We could have used that snake on the pickup baseball team we had a recess when I was in 6th grade on one of my team mates who was awfully slow at running the bases even when he got a good hit.

That’s nothin…look at all the eggs it laid on the seat {:slight_smile: !!!

Eggs and sausage for breakfast


@wesw, no I’d did not confuse the two posters.

even the snake is surprised the owner drives a stick. He’s like, wtf is this thing here? XD

sorry jt, my misyake. lol I thought misspelling mistake was funny, so I left it that way