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Help!snake loose in 2002 Subaru Outback!

My snake was in the car with my mom and I,and got loose from her hand,managed to crawl under the drivers side seat,and into the heating ducts that lead back to the engine,its kindof important i get her out,seeing as this is the second snake ive lost in a month.



wrong again.
corn snake.
black and gray.
and its a baby,

Shop vac?

im terrified if i suck it out ill kill it.
and thats not really okay with me,i need like one of those baby suction things.for a snake.

I think that as long as the vacuum’s hose is at least twice as big around as the snake, it would not be harmed. Surely it is a better (for the snake) solution than the mongoose, but maybe you will have more options to choose from.

im going to try it
i’ll let you know how it works.

If it is in the heating ducts it is probably under the fan, can’t go much further…turn on air conditioning…snakes seek out warmth and it will leave the air ducts if it is cold. not too cold and it might go into stupor…like many drivers do in traffic.

You can take an old pair of nylons and stretch them over the end of the shop vac hose. That will at least keep it from having to make the entire trip through the hose.

Look at the good side.  You should not have any problems with mice in the car.

Live trap with whatever this snake eats?

Snakes are VERY sensitive to temperature…Below 50, they can’t move. Below 30, they die. Over 105 they die…Between 80 and 90 they become very active…

A heating pad set on low placed on the drivers floor mat at night MIGHT attract the snake as the car cools off…

Short of disassembling the dash assembly I’m inclined to agree with Caddyman that heating pad placed on the floor on a cold night might attract the snake.

You might also consider what will happen to the snake if he happens to be coiled up in the squirrel cage on the blower motor.
The blower motors are not that hard to remove so a possibility could be to remove the glove box, the blower motor, and see if he will come out that way.

I do question why you’re carrying loose snakes in the car and the fate of the first one.

Mouse with a string tied to it? Snake fishing!

Snakes are attracted to light, also. If you put a flashlight in the floor, park the car in a closed garage with blankets thrown over the windows the snake will likely head for the light.