Live Mouse in Car

Any suggestions for how to cope with a mouse in the car that refuses to be trapped and refuses to leave? He/she has eaten some bait and moved one of the five traps six inches, but appears to be still going strong. FYI, I am the hysterical wife who refuses to get back in the car until the mouse exits feet-first. The longest drive in my husband’s and my 27-year married life took place yesterday. 75 miles. He: if you don’t put your feet on the floor and the airbag goes off, it will kill you. She: I would rather die than put my feet on the floor.

D-Con poisoning works. The mouse will leave the car in search of water - where it will wither away.

Sprinkling red pepper around your floor keeps them away as well.

Do you have a cat, or could you borrow one? Mice know cats are trouble and often vacate the premises when a cat shows up. So, put the cat in the car for a few hours and see if miss mouse takes a powder.

You Could Keep A Fairly Large Snake In The Car, One That Is Non-Venomous, Of Course.
The length of the snake is not important, but try and choose one that has a girth somewhat smaller than that of an average mouse, even though they can swallow animals quite a bit larger than their girth. Check the snake once in a while for a bulge.

Keep A Pair Of Boots In The Car Until The Mouse Moves Out. Slip The Boots On When You Ride In This Car. You Will Feel Much More Comfortable Although Not As Stylish.
Be sure and turn the boots over and shake them vigorously before putting them on, though.

That mouse might be there for a while if it recently had babies that are being weaned in the car, so please be patient and considerate. They’re so cute when they’re young.


Update: Mouse is still living and eating bait and not being trapped after 48 hours. Don’t understand how it is living without water. No babies to our knowledge. Plan to buy D-con, but that will rule out the cat and snake options. When we saw it, it was running back and forth from under the passenger’s seat to behind the glove compartment. Marriage being sorely tested. Hope to make it to anniversary on Friday.

Snap-trap loaded with peanut butter didn’t work?

The only thought I have about poison in the car is what do you do if it ingests the poison and then hides out in its little cubby-hole and dies? The smell of decomposing mouse can be quite strong.

Mouse story #1. I parked my car in a hot aircraft hangar with both doors open when the temperature was -20. The mouse preferred the hangar.

Put the peanut butter baited ( just a dab, you want them to work for it ) trap in a small passageway that you build. He’ll have no detour except backward when faced with the trap.

For example , put the trap against the side kick panel but also put something immediately beside it like a shoe box.

This works in the house where mice tend to scamper next to the wall -BAM- gotcha.

Make sure the mouse uses the seat belt. If you really want it out forget about a glue trap since they can still crawl if only half of him/her is stuck and can crawl into an inaccessible area and croak. Don’t use a snap trap either since sometimes this style of trap creates a bloody mess. In fact dont use poison since the critter can crawl into something and rot.

Use a live trap and put in some peanut butter or sunflower seeds. When junior gets inside and cannot get out you can get hubby to dispose of him.

I have a metal live trap with a see through lid. It works well.