Slow responsive throttle

Have a 2012 Camry 4cyl. LE, auto trans. This is especially noticeable when making right turns on city streets, and occasionally on left turns. When trying to accelerate back up to speed, it takes a second or two to begin to speed up, sometimes shifting down and then accelerating. What possible causes for this strange phenomenon? Just after buying it (used, very low mileage, 4000miles). I took it to the dealer, they said that that is normal.

It could be the traction control causing the issue. I noticed a hesitation when I tried to merge into traffic from a muddy dirt road. Try turning off traction control and see if it still happens.

I vote for traction control too. My Expedition does that similar thing, but on mine the tracion control indicator comes on, that’s how i know…I don’t like it that way , but I know whats happening.
Maybe, nitram, look to see if any warning or indicator icons come on during that maneuver.

( yes, it means taking your eyes off the road where they belong ; -0 …but isn’t that what the manufacturers want us all to do these days with all the factory built in distractions they force us to buy. ? )

Assuming it idles ok and at the right rpm, the check engine light is not on, and there are no stored trouble codes in the computer memory. Good ideas above. Another possibility is a problem with the throttle position sensor.