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Delay acceleration

So ive noticed with my 2002 chevy camaro V6, when im driving at a steady pace, if i step on the accelerator a little more, it doesnt accelerate immediately and then it jumps up and speeds up. Friend suggested maybe the Throttle Position Sensor?

I’d be a little concerned about the transmission, myself. But hopefully I’m wrong.

Looked up same problem on youtube, obviously its not 100% accurate but person with same problem exactly like mine replaced TPS and it worked fine.

TPS may be easy to test. I tested one on my 1984 Chevy Cavalier using a simple volt-ohm meter. The resistance jumped around, not smoothly, when the TPS was rotated. I sprayed inside with electronic parts cleaner and worked it through its range of motion. Once dry, it changed resistance smoothly, as it should. I reinstalled it and it never gave another problem.

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Good idea! I feel very confident its just TPS

Good luck. Please let us now how it goes.

Yes, it could be a bad TPS. But it could be other things too. If I had that problem myself I’d test the TPS rather than just replace it on a guess. If there’s any routine engine maintenance that’s due, I’d do that first too. With car’s complexity these days, it’s easy to run out of money before running out of guesses.

driving at a steady pace? how fast are you going and what gear is trans in? OD? 3rd gear?

Its automatic, driving around 35mph and usually at 2000 rpms so when i step on accelerator its jumps up to 3000. I wish i could post a video but doesnt

You should not be at 2000 RPM at 35 MPH . If it jumps to 3000 and you speed does not increase that has a good chance of a failing transmission.

Ok maybe im really bad at describing, is there a way to post a video?

That sounds like a slipping transmission

Check the color/smell of the transmission fluid.


Do you not know anyone who can drive this thing a give their opinion on what it is doing ?

Well like i said, my friend is a mechanic and works on cars and he said he believed it was the Throttle Position Sensor, will drive it again to get accurate description on what specifically the rpms are at

The engine rpms could indeed jump when pressing on the pedal at 35 mph at a steady speed, b/c it might downshift when you signal your need to accelerate. If so, that’s normal. If it isn’t downshifting but the rpms jump quickly but briefly when you step on the gas, more likely the transmission is slipping and in need of work.

post it on youtube, then copy and paste the link here in a post