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2007 Toyota Camry

I have a 2007 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder. Typical Toyota quality & dependability but with one somewhat annoying quirk. When I slow down, for example to turn a corner, then try to accelerate again, for some reason there is nothing for a second or two. This doesn’t happen from a dead start, only after decellerating. I’ve talked to other Camry owners who say the same thing. What’s up with that?

Does this car have a drive-by-wire throttle?

In other words, is there a physical connection between the gas pedal and the throttle or is the throttle controlled by a computer?

The answer to these questions may determine how we respond to your original question.

I have no clue. Wouldn’t all 2007 Toyota Camry 4 cylinders be the same?

Yes, they are all the same, but I don’t know which year Toyota switched to drive-by-wire. My guess is there is no throttle cable on your car, and the computer controls the throttle based on an electric signal from the gas pedal and other signals from various sensors.

Even though you are calling for acceleration by pressing on the gas pedal, the computer is getting a signal from some other source that contradicts the signal from the gas pedal, and the computer won’t open the throttle until all the signals agree.

I’m sure this is annoying, and I would find it very difficult to live with. Assuming the car is under warranty I suggest you discuss this with the dealer, but I imagine, that, too, will be frustrating. Good luck.

I’ve got no help, just the comment that the 4cyl Camry I rented did the same thing, would drive me nuts. I’d suggest finding a Camry discussion board, such as at Edmunds. I’m sure there’s LOTS of discussion about that problem. May be something a computer reprogramming might help by the dealer.

Perhaps what you’re experiencing is momentary pause of the transmission shifting when going from the deceleration to the acceleration.

You are not alone. The car hesitates in between slowing down & acceleration. According to Toyota Motors, it’s normal. I have the 2005 LE 4-cyl. I also have a low brake system. Again, according to TM, it’s normal. What is normal with a low brake? It’s dangerous, I had several misses on the freeway. The brake pedal goes all the way down almost to the floor yet the brake doesn’t engage. My wife already had an accident when the car won’t stop. I wrote NTSB about it. I lost arbitration. TM & their dealers won’t fix it even during the warranty period. So bye bye Toyota. I started selling my Toyotas. I had 4 now down to TWO. I was a loyal Toyota owner until I got the 2005 LE.

I’m not a tranny guy, but I seem to recall reading something anout the newer trannys operating on lower pressures (trannys are hydraulically operated) to create smoother shifting or something of that sort. This seems to have created pauses during shifting of the type you’re describing. I’ve also noticed it. Perhaps Transman if he has a few moments could elaborate on this a bit.