2020 Chevrolet Trax - Hesitates

help! As I pull out into traffic I have to get to 40 mph i turn left out into traffic my you can hear the rpms and see them going up but the car hesitates and does not acculturate fast enough to get the flow of traffic. so i have to pull into the middle lane until the car engages, and takes off. this has happen 4 times engine light comes on but they can not get a reading car only has a 1000 miles 2020 only had 4 mos. can’t figure out issue. anyone else had this issue if so what did they find out> Jg

If the engine is revving but the car isn’t accelerating there’s likely a problem with the transmission. Keep after the dealer and if necessary bump things up to GM corporate. There should be a number in your Owner’s Manual.

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Do you left foot brake? Do you rest your left foot on the brske pedal as you accelerate? If you do, stop it. That is causing your problem.

The NHTSA has a bulletin from Chevrolet dealing with a drive train issue that sounds similar to yours. Got to safercar.gov and search for the 2019 Trax, then look for power train Bulletin No.: 99-04-20-002K. The transmission is the same in both model years, and the bulletin says it is for model year 2020 and earlier. Ask the dealer if this might relate to your problem.

Also, do you lift up on the accelerator during your merge maneuver? If so, that may cause the problem you experience during the fast left turn. If it’s that difficult to make the turn, you might consider turning right then going around the block, then turn left at the light once you get back to your road.

See your dealer. It’s under warranty

Make sure they check the fluid level in the transmission.

As already mentioned, make sure your transmission fluid is at the correct level, assuming that your car has a dipstick for that.

It sounds like escalating the problem to GM might be necessary here. In addition, this might eventually fall under your state’s lemon law, so you probably want to start researching the details needed for that process.