2012 camry le

Nearly new Camry with 9,000 miles. When trying to get back up to speed after making right or left turns, there is a definite hesitation before accelerating. No hesitation when accelerating from a dead stop. Also transmission kicks down at very small hills/grades where if not on cruise control, it would not need to “kick down” to maintain speed. This is a 4 cylinder engine and provides adequate power when not running in “cruise”. I suppose this is just the nature of the breed. Except for these two small problems, it is a fine comfortable car.

The hesitation doesn’t sound normal. Someone else just posted about a similar problem, and it turned out to be a bad throttle position sensor. You could well have the same bad sensor.

I’d take it back to the dealer for diagnosis. If they tell you it’s normal, don’t let them off the hook.

It should be under warranty. I would also try out an identical model on the lot.

My 07 Camry I4 AT did the exact same thing. I had the transmission flashed with an updated EPROM–solved the problem completely. I assume the new EPROM I got would be the default one in your 2012, but you may want to ask about it.