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2014 Toyota Camry hesitates when accelerating

I Have a Toyota Camery 2014 Le . The car rides very good, but one thing that bothers me, When I accelerate on the highway to go faster, or am at a light to accelerate, there is some hesitation, I feel like its coming from the back tire… In the last couple of months I got new tires and had the car tuned up with new spark plugs Does anybody know what it can be

Is your CEL on? Did this start immediately after the plugs were change?
Hesitation can not be caused by a tire.

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Why? Maybe a brake is dragging?? Drive the car down the road a few miles without hitting the brake very often, park, get out and touch each wheel. Is one or both of the rear wheels hotter than the fronts? The hot wheel indicates that brake is dragging. Get it fixed very, very soon.