Bug Reports

Hello, everyone!

Welcome back to the Car Talk Community.

Let’s use this thread as a hub for your bug reports. By all means, kick the tires. Let us know how things are working. When you find things that don’t work – post ‘em here and we’ll follow up. Try the private messages, quoting, text formatting, or anything else. We want to hear from you!

For the next few days, it’s all hands on deck here in the Car Talk Community. Victoria and I will lead the charge. We’ll be here, consistently keeping an eye on your comments.

Let’s keep it to one thread for organization’s sake. That will allow us to track issues effectively, which in turn will mean we can be as responsive as possible. We will close any other bug threads that might appear, to help us centralize the discussion.

For the moment, our focus is on fixing any issues that appear. As you adjust to the new look and feel, you may have suggestions about improvements. Hang on to those thoughts. In time, we’ll want to hear them. But for the moment, we need to focus on making sure the core functionality is working well for you.

This is an iterative process. Each day and each week will be better than the one before. We’ll work to steadily squash bugs. Those of you who have been involved in large-scale software or web app deployments, know that a slow and steady, rigorous process ultimately wins the day.

Thanks in advance for your patience-- and, most of all, enjoy the new Car Talk Community!

Onward and upward,

Carolyn and Victoria

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On we go!, whoops not 20 characters, edit see how else feels about character min limit

Wow. It’s got that new car smell!

Some responses appear to be missing, lost in translation I guess, on we go. Also when I hit my recent discussions saved tab I get “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.” at the top of the page. Not complaining just noting. Is there a new bookmark we should use?

Things are still propagating, apparently, but that may not be the reason for the error codes–so we’ll pass that along. As for the bookmarking, I got into the forum but got an error message when I used my old CTC bookmark to get to the forum, but when I clicked on the Car Talk logo on the top left of the page, it took me to the forum home page, and that’s what I bookmarked.

Thanks for letting us know!

I lost all my stinkin badges, etc. we don’t need no stinkin badges!

never mind :grin::grinning::kissing_closed_eyes::sleeping:

Why is there advertisements on the pages even when I am logged in. The ads also load slowly and the page keeps dropping down.

@galant, where are the ads located? I’m not seeing them inside the threads? What is happening when you say the page keeps dropping down?

Update: I didn’t have it happen on my laptop, but I do see it on my phone. I’ll let the team know.


I tried to attach a screen shot of what I am talking about. Maybe I am the only one who doesn’t like it.


Small bug: The system alerts you to changes in a watched thread no matter what the circumstance. So, since the system automatically watches any thread you reply to, and a reply is considered a change, it alerts you to the change that you yourself just made. :wink:

I’m noticing that this is inconsistant - sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. I haven’t yet locked down what the pattern is.

@cdaquila Will not pass judgement on change for a while. I don’t mind ads cause I can ignore them but shouldn’t they be automotive instead of cooking recipes ?

I guess it is not automotive because they know you gearheads are not gonna fall for anything bogus car related.

I dunno. Its going to take some getting used to. Right now it hurts my eyes trying to decipher the whole thing. I really don’t need half a page though at the top with “other topics of interest”. Not of interest to me. Back to “hey, get off my grass.”

Do the blogs still exist?

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3 posts and I am out! Back to new user I guess

@circuitsmith, yes, the blogs are still on the site at

Can I be made a not-new user? The max reply cap is a little bothersome.

I found an important column that wasn’t updated after the migration. It has now been updated for everyone who had posts in the previous community. Sorry about that! Migrations are complicated…

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