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What happened to the forum?

This is NOT an improvement…It’s like being suckered into “upgrading” from Windows 7 to Windows 10…Everything gets more difficult…


Ha ha :laughing:

Where have you been?

I started a discussion about exactly that thing in “general discussion”

BTW . … I agree with you, but I feel there’s nothing we can do about it

Mountainbike suggested we just accept the changes, and I for one am inclined to agree with him, although I initially felt otherwise

But that doesn’t mean I like the changes

that doesn’t mean I consider them an “ugrade”

that doesn’t mean I consider them an “improvement”

As I said in that other discussion, I loved the old website, and really like the new website in general, and will continue to be active, but I am disappointed :frowning2:

@caddyman change is inevitable, we must go on and on we go, with you hopefully. ,

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You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.


Not that big a deal, I guess I’ll figure it out…But it’s pretty lame that the regulars, some of them here from the beginning, have been reduced to “Basic” status…The worthiness of our vast trove of knowledge must be proven once more…Our history of service to the community has been erased…Yes, it would have taken some effort to transfer past histories but not THAT much effort…


Welcome back, @Caddyman. I did discuss this issue somewhat here. We’re all getting used to it, and if you have any other questions we will assist as best we can.

I’m less than pleased with the new digs but will continue to throw in my 2 cents worth on occasion until the advertisments become too overwhelming to deal with. Popups and videos that require cancelling and/or ignoring often signal my exit from forums and I get the feeling those nuisances are in the makings here.

To me it’s a much more cluttered up mess. What remains to be seen is what happens over the next few months with the number of postings and the number of one shot posters who may ask a question and disappear rather than wade through the muck.

That happens now but I suspect it will worsen.

LOL, Rod, I loved the response! :upside_down:
Seriously, we’ll all acclimate. It took me a bit too, but now I kind of like it. :grin:

Careful. Anyone who does not embrace continuous change, good or bad, is labeled a fuddy duddy and afraid of the new world order and self-driving cars. Sometimes fear is a good thing though and yields restraint from our younger eager crowd.

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I find this forum easier to navigate, less advertising to slow down my old PC and no need to scroll to the top or bottom of the page to choose a page number or “Recent discussions”.

There is discussion on diet in another thread for those who wish to tally up a greater posting score.

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I agree with @Caddyman this new forum layout is terrible. I dont like it. just saying

It is fine with me, love the not having to click through pages, though it feels a little lacking in color, perhaps a background instead of dull gray, or is it grey? The ketchup and mustard was tedious (red an yellow) but not many complaints from me. (as I can’t say no complaints) but on we go, like it or not.

Technology changes. You may not like it…so you either embrace it or stay in the past.

I remember when this forum changed to the format we just left behind. I thought it was strange and difficult to navigate.

‘…You better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone,
For the times they are a’ changing!’

The technology has not changed…What has changed is the format of the forum…This format probably works better on a tablet or smart phone…No big deal once you get used to it…The regulars here all know each other pretty well. We don’t need a score-keeper or awards badges…I was in shock when I started this thread but the shock has worn off…

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This is what, the third or fourth forum format? When I started getting underfoot and posing questions it was a format of one liners without threads which made it “interesting” to find and follow responses.

This current version says I joined in 2009 but I know I was onboard in either late 2005 or sometime in 2006 because I was asking questions about keeping my '87 Olds running prior to buying the '07 Impala in Nov '06.

Hope all you regulars stay! I miss a few who faded away like Transman. Would hate to lose any more of you familiar faces.

But you’re wrong. The software technology to create this site has changed significantly since the first site was created. HTML5 was a huge improvement over the older HTML. So developers keep up with the changes to create a new look and feel that you couldn’t do just a few years ago.

Take a look at forums just 15 years ago…There are still some older style forums around that are a joke. Extremely difficult to read.

I come across this all the time. When ever we change the look and feel of our software the older guys who’ve been using it for a few years hate the new change (until they get use to it). The younger guys love it because of all the new features it has.

I like a lot of the changes. Some of the visuals could use a bit of improvement but that’ll come with time, I’m sure.

I think this software is light years ahead of that Vanilla garbage we’ve been dealing with.

After I learned to click on the Car Talk logo day 2 it has been working fine for me so far.