Should You Name Your Car?

Does this topic win as the longest running in time and/or number of posts? :roll_eyes::rofl:


I named my first car, a 1960 Morris Minor wreck, #%&#$$. I remember us pushing it up and down the drive-in humps trying to get it started. Nice $20 paint job though. Form before function.

At least the Morris was easy to push. I bet you could carry the engine yourself if you removed it.

Maybe it will get to 1000 or more post’s.

Absolutely. I have a name for all my cars and even my lawnmowers.

That’s great! My Dad an old Farmall. I remember him calling it “Sonofa*$#&@”. He actually gave it my name! :crazy_face: LOL

I never really named a car beyond its make or model until my current car–basically because it was the SAME make, model, and YEAR as my husband’s car. only the color was different. So she is Suzy.

If the car has a name it will reveal it to you but only when it is ready. We had a Saab that remained nameless for seven years but its successor turned out to be Sven. Later we bought a VW sportwagen named Otto but we replaced him with a later year of the same model, but auto not manual transmission, and it has chosen to remain anonymous. Nice car but comfortable to be in a no-names relationship it seems.

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In July 1977 I drove my fathers Ford pickup to Houston loaded with my belongings from TN. With plans to buy a car when I got there. About a month later my father called as we made plans for him to come down and pick up the truck the told me about a 1976, Toyota Corolla station wagon, that they couldn’t sell because it 1. Didn’t have a roof rack. 2. Standard transmission. A friend that sold cars in Houston (were there was a waiting list for Toyota’s-any Toyota. Told me if I didn’t like it he would sell it and double the asking price in TN.
I love that car and would go ANY where I asked it to. I (personally) changed the oil every 3500 miles. After the first 100,000 miles it earned the name Brownie, because it had started showing it’s personality. It would cruise all day at 95 mph. I moved tables, couches etc in it. After it earned my BSW and got a job transporting clients I bought a 2 seater (so their family couldn’t come along) and gave Brownie to my ex to shoe horses out of. By then it had about 450000 miles and still ran like a top. 32 mpg, original engine, transmission and muffler. Loved that little car and wish I still had it.

Yes, I do, and in most cases the ones who name their cars actually care for their cars, I my self still am a teenager so i drive my parent’s cars, i names both cars with names i see fit to them, i care for them, i love those two cars fully knowing i’ll never get to race, modify, tune it at all and i still love them and care for it, it’s just the bond that you make with the car, the memories and all, in some cases though the named car still be treatred normally or poorly by the owner
So back to the question, should we name cars? yes i think so, it is like a thing to show the bond between u and your car

I don’t name our vehicles and I still maintain them . I have no Bond with a mechanical item , it is for a function period.

I don’t name my cars or trucks or use vanity plates. but when they break down I might call them a few names that I can not say here… LOL

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Oh yeah, i know that even people that don’t name their cars still maintain them, i’m just saying that in most cases the ones that does name their cars have a special bond with their cars, that’s all

Also, different people see the cars differently, ones sees it as a machine that get’s me from A to B, others like my self and car guys generally, sees their cars as more than that, but it just differs from people to people

You mean names that would not be found in webster’s? :roll_eyes: book?

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Should you name your car? Well this is old but like I said before, no, it’s silly. The car doesn’t know it’s name. It just sits there.

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I’ve named our cars (although hubby doesn’t care for the names):
Our mustang “the pony” , I also bought a license plate cover which reads “my little pony.”
And MY Jeep is “Baby Girl” because every time I have been on a perilous trail I speak to her encouragingly “c’mon Baby Girl.”
I mean, they named ships since forever, I am the master and commander of my vehicles, that is until my husband steals the Jeep keys…now I have a name for him…

golf facts and tips is what I study mostly so I have named my car Putter after my americano putter

yes, of course. we are giving name means, as a sense, we are feeling that as a personality. And It depends on the bond between the owner and the car. For me having my own car is my Dream. Now I have. So, Definitely when I am driving a car I could feel some sense of ownership as well caring towards my car. I love my car. So, I named my car.
BTW my car name is princy

I used to think if I did something nice for the car I would get something in return. Gave up buying mid grade gas and cars seem happy. It is easy to personify an inanimate object, I felt great doing it for 30 years, now I am still having a personal experience with my cars, with lower expectations.