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Please help me name my new car!

I just got my first real car, and I am having trouble thinking of a name for it. It is a metallic grey BMW Z4. Do any of you have any suggestions for names?

Sporticas? A cross of sporty and Sparticas.




Or . . . since you’re having trouble with a name you could just leave it nameless like the other 186 million cars that have no name. Besides, the manufacturer gave it one.


MLC Toy.

While I respect your right to attempt to anthropomorphize your machine by giving it a name, I still find it completely assinine to do so. It’s a freakin’ machine.
Got a nme for your toaster? Any clever nickname for your gas grill?

Oh No ! Geico Took And Used The Name I Suggested Above, Jackwagon . . . I Just Saw Their 30 Second Ad On TV. Check It !