Help me name my car!

I was once the proud owner of a 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Sure, it was kind of a clunker, but it had personality. A friend of mine asked me what it’s name was and it took me no time to decide on Babe the big blue olds. The next week the fuel line, breaks, suspension and bearings went. Babe the big blue Olds turned into a step ladder to help my husband paint the garage.

We were forced to purchase our next vehicle in a hurry and ended up buying a slightly used 2001 Pontiac Grand Am. Electric Blue. I’m fine with the grand am, it is getting a little old and we’ll need another car soon because our 3 year old is quickly running out of leg room in the back seat, but I like it all right.

A friend of mine - a different friend - just purchased a car and we were discussing names. She asked me what the Grand Am was named and I couldn’t answer. I don’t know if it just doesn’t have the personality (aside from being a blindingly bright shade of blue), or if I’m afraid that naming the car will seal its fate before we’re ready to purchase our next. I wondered if anyone had name ideas?

I think it’s a she, but I can’t really tell.

Granny em ?

Blue eyes


I don’t name my vehicles because they are inanimate objects; machines.

I do, however, find myself, after a long road trip, patting them on the dashboard and saying, “Thanks for bringing me home safe and sound again.”

If you must have a name, I’m going to modify Waterboy’s suggestion form “Granny Em,” to “Auntie Am.”

No charge.

I always need a picture.

If it’s that blue, you should call it “Blue Lightning”! (Blaue Blitzen in German)

When I was in college I had an old 4 door Chevrolet. Totally non-descript except for the paint. The previous owner had repainted it a vile green metallic (a new color at that time), very bright in sunlight. My friends called it the “Green Hornet” and the name stuck. It had a powerful heater, and where I studied it got bitterly cold. My girlfriend called it “The heater with the car attached”. She was an English major.

“Temp” she’s just here til I find something better.
Though really it’s bad luck to renamed a car(sailboat) so I’d call the previous owner. :slight_smile:

If it seems like it is almost a butterfly, I like butterpillar.

Well, because it is a Pontiac, it might be appropriate to name it after an extinct animal.

There are many extinct species to choose from, but if you want to make the name somewhat alliterative, you might want to adapt the name of an extinct marsupial, The Broad-Faced Potaroo.

How about Potaroo Pontiac?

Automatic Transmission or CVT = the car is a female
Manual Transmission with clutch pedal = the car is a male
Paddle shifters/autostick/clutchless manual = gender bender (name is your choice!)

Please don’t be one of those “call your car by a name” people. Please.

I call my husband’s 1996 Dodge Stratus “Grumbly” because when we start it up it sounds like it is grumbling. I don’t really have a name for my car, a 2001 Chevy Metro. I should probably name it “Old Reliable” since it has been good to me since I got it 7 years ago. So, according to mleich’s determination on whether the car is male or female based on what transmission, both of the cars we own are females since they are automatics. You would name it after some quirky habit or some sort of attribute your car has?