Should You Name Your Car?

So how do people look when you say you donated Ralph to a Bible school?

I have heard the story about a kid who thought his name was NO, or the mother that gave her 3 kids the same first name, so when she called for them, they all came. I am sure I had a post up there somewhere, but if you don,t want to scroll through all 700 posts, on my computer I hit the end button, then I am at the last post, and can work my way up, or use the page down button to scroll through old posts faster. @common_sense_answer

End button? I never knew it was there. Just seemed like nothing worked on the right side of the keyboard, but I tried the end key and it worked. Thanks. I remember the ole page up page down thing from word processing back what in the 70’s, but just ignored them on my computer. Now I wonder what that bell button and moon button are for. Do I dare punch them to find out?

I am not sure but another tip, I use photoshop, and if you hit alt printscreen, it only copies the active window to paste like into photoshp or powerpoint. for all your car related photos or web screens of course.

In my life, it seems like some vehicles almost suggest a name for themselves. And then there ones that remain anonymous. Seems like I always get rid of the anonymous ones much sooner than the ones that want names.

Oh please no, not again after 11 years of silence. The only time I’ve called my car names, it’s unrepeatable the next day. Name your car, air conditioner, refrigerator, house, boat, lawn mower, whatever if you want, just don’t tell anyone.


Do you name your washing machine? One is an appliance to wash your clothes, the other is simply a transportation appliance. I don’t even name my collector cars, which are definitely more than appliances.

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Heh heh, I thought it might have been Christine.

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No need to name a car. Cars come from the factory with names firmly attached.


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I don’t know if everyone should name their car, but I do. Cars need maintenance to keep the relationship going. I still drive the same 1993 Subaru Loyale I bought new in 1993. It looks almost mint. I don’t think this is a coincidence. I have done all sorts of maintenance and fixes over the years. I am just home mechanic, I don’t do it for a living. Since it isn’t a super expensive car, I felt much more comfortable taking on challenging projects. My thought was that if I messed it up, the loss wouldn’t be very great. I have had this car now gong on 25 years and still love driving it. In 2014, I took on a head gasket, reseal and transmission bearing shaft and bearing replacement. This meant removing the transmission and splitting the case in half. I just recently put video together that I had shot at the tome of this procedure.

I think we owe @Cavell an apology. There seems to be some truth to what he said.

Yeah and I named my lawn mower but I’m not telling my wife what it is.

So… any updates? Do you still have Portia? I want to know how this Auto/romance turned out. lol. We have a 98 Volvo C70 Turbo I named Yolanda. We stuck chrome Cobra wheels on her. Shes wide AF! Dark green, and sexy as ever. I never named any of my cars until her. We do most of her repairs ourself. Keeping her in the best of care. Since her, we have gained 2 other vehicles. Both have names and their own personality.

lmao. Do you name your bike(s)?

My wife named her previous car, a silver Nissan Sentra, “The Silver Bullet”, mainly because her car before that was a real slug.

I know the feeling. My car before I met my husband and we got Yoldanda… Well… I named her DJ (after going a year nameless. She got the name DJ because she is a Dodge Journey. I know… Sooooo original. haha) Anyway, Just problem after problem with her. She’s slow, heavy, and just a POS. But still she sits in my driveway…totally unreliable. She’s like a horrible ex girlfriend… clingy and needy. Wanting attention constantly and breaks down when it’s convenient for her. I like the name your wife chose. The Silver Bullet. Strong, yet still kinky and fun. :smile:

Thanks; wife is a nurse and has prescribed many “silver bullets”. Her previous car was a rather ponderous handling Ford Granada and the Nissan was a breath of fresh air to her when going to work or shopping.


Name your car, air conditioner, refrigerator, house, boat, lawn mower, whatever if you want, just don’t tell anyone.

For 15 years, I owned a LAWNMOWER that earned its name. As manufactured, it really was a lawnmower, a cheapie for sure. But when I saw the forlorn thing for sale used ($25), I had other plans: blackberries!

I was the new owner of a woodsy acre of blackberries and other weeds which surrounded the worst house on the block. This 22" cut mower with big wheels was worth a shot. The blackberries were a piece of cake. I got my money’s worth the first week.

Then I took to using it for mulching piles of pine cones, heaps of needles and leaves, fallen bits of tree branches and other random organic stuff (and some rocks ;~). The result was a nicely groomed and textured forest floor, quite attractive actually. Where the woodsy ground was uneven, this mower was the best tool for cutting the high areas and filling the low spots. So what if the blade was dulled by this abuse? You don’t really need to sharpen a blade when this is what you are cutting. Well, ok, it needed two weld jobs along the way, a couple of carb rebuilds, and a some wheel changes…small price to pay for this kind of utility.

When I recently picked up a used mower with more horsepower, I sold the old timer in running condition, with full disclosures and an ironclad money back guarantee.

Oh, the name?

The Beast

I have to confess that’s what I call my chain saw, or at least how I describe it.

Yes, The Beast. I demolished a large wooden garden shed with my Bosch demolition saw which the shed’s owner, a widow, christened “The Beast” when she saw it in action.

I don’t usually, but my first foreign car, a Fiat 124, had a speedometer with the word Veglia on it, so I called it “veglia car” and it was true to its name.