What to name my trucks

I was reading a forum titled “Should you name your car” and I was thinking, I have names fora few of the cars and trucks around here at the house. I have a 1986 Nissan truck that has the A and N removed from the tail gait. So would Niss be a good name for it. I also have a 1980 Datsun 4x4 that I bout recently that was painted long ago in camoflauge. I was thinking of naming it Camo. Would that be an alright name for it? Lastly, I have a 1964 Ford 1/2 ton truck. Painted white with cream girll and bumpers. What are some good suggestions for it. Any help wwould be nice and than k you al lfor responding

Name your vehicles whatever the hell you want. How about Adolf, Heinrich and Erwin? Or Osama, Saddam, and Omar? Or maybe something cute, like Peaches, Cuddles and Giggles?

I’m not a fan of naming cars… but I doubt anyone here cares what you call them.

I guess that settles it, 99… Maybe next time I can get a reply in before the proctologist closes the thread. Keep trying, though. He probably spends most of the day with his head deep in his… well, you know.

Rattle & clank for one or both. Lurch. There is something in a name. Flash Floyd. Girl I knew had a Gremlin and called it the Grimmobile. Tire Bird. Crockwork Lemon. The Loyal Boil. Funky Phantom.

Names can be a useful way to “advertise” to others how you feel about your current ride. I once owned a Pontiac Sunbird that I affectionately referred to as my “Scumbird”. I like to think that in a small way, the name I chose for this “vehicle” could be part of the reason GM stopped making them, or at least stopped using the nameplate.

I confess that I don’t understand why people name cars, but I’ll support anybody who wants to do so and whatever names they choose as long as they’re not offensive, and yours aren’t.

How about “Creampuff” for the '64 1/2 ton?

How funny!! I was going to suggest “Creampuff” for the 1/2 ton as well. LOL

you sure for the '64 ford that they’re not chrome grill & bumpers?

Girls typically name thier cars but guys don’t. But it’s a semi-free country so name it if you want. For the Nissan how about “Nissan”, the Datsun you could go with “Datsun” and the Ford…well go out on a tangent and call it “Ford”.

My wife has names for her cars, I don’t really get it so I just refer to them a your ____ (whichever brand).

Nissan: Nessie
Datsun: Ahso or Sosoon or Sonny
Ford: Henry