Do you name your car?

I do not give my cars “official” names but sometimes a nickname just for fun. Some I have had are

67 Catalina, silver in color = gray ghost or land yacht

87 Celebrity, paint faded, headliner fell, a/c quit, only 1 speaker worker but always ran faithfully = named Jobmobile, as in biblical Job, everything was taken away from him but was faithful.

83 Escort = the junk

do you have any?

All the vehicles I’ve owned had the same name. “Money Hole”.


Will named his car “the funky phantom”. Overloaded SUV = Bulging Bronco. Mustang convertible = Headless Horseman. Stalling car = General Buckhalter.

Only the very first car I owned, a 55 Desoto that my sister called “Mergatriod”. The rest have been referred to as “that piece of s…t” usually after a break down or expensive repair.

I have a 90 Cutlass that just doesn’t die…even after a few crashes. I call it Chuck Norris!

We do not normally name cars. But in 1992 my daughter left home to teach in McAllen. She bought a new Saturn, the early models that were really good. She had an alarm put on it to comply with Texas law. That thing whined even if you got close to it.

I started calling it Ralph, figuring any car that could holler for his mommy when he was scared had to have a name. She hated it at first, but since everyone else accepted it, she finally did, too. She donated it two years ago when the baby was born and her husband said he wanted her to have a bigger car, and we all told Ralph goodbye. Ralph took good care of her for 14 years, on trips across the US.

The new Odyssey has no personal name.

I don’t name cars, but the best car name I have ever seen was painted on the door of a Land Cruiser - Rocinante

(that was the name of Don Quixote’s horse)

I just Googled it to make sure I had the spelling right, and I see that John Steinbeck named his truck Rocinante.

I’ve called many cars by many different things (none repeatable here) but about the only constant one I had was for my old embarassingly uncool Mercury Sable and in polite terms (being careful here) it was referred to as “Barnyard Matter Sponge”.

Chevy cavalier — piece of junk
Toyota Corolla — piece of beauty (pricy parts)
Honda Accord — unstoppable beater
Honda Civic — love and joy

I’m torn between The Antichrist or Hell(female dog) for my 2000 Blazer. The Antichrist was the name of the Land Rover in “The Gods Must be Crazy”. Hell(female dog) was the name of a character’s horse in “Lonesome Dove”.

I had a 1971 Buick Skylark convertible that would have made a Lebanese taxi driver throw up. Friend’s 1st ex-wife took one look at it and nicknamed it the Baby Crusher (Piranha Brothers sketch - Monty Python).

My Black 1967 VW Bug was nicknamed Baum Jaeger (Tree Hunter) after it lost an argument with an Oak tree. My cousin who was a Tolkien fan, renamed it Balrog after he inherited it.

Ed B.

My cars names: 1991 Toyota Camry wagon (white) the Goon (it came with that name and it stuck) and my 1996 Toyota Carola is of course Lola the Carola - Lola for short! Doofy? Yes. Fun? Absolutely!

My family has been naming its cars since my parents bought their first one over here in the States in the early '50’s. The first one was “Popocatepetl” because it was always ready to explode. Then they shipped a little blue car back to U.K. in 1954 called “Alice.” Its number plate was SKB 369. (I have no idea why I remember that since that was eons ago when the Dead Sea was merely sick.) I had a green Peugot I named “Leaping Pierre,” a black VW Golf called “Warlock,” a deep electric blue VW Golf called “Gitane,” a champagne VW Rabbit called (terribly boring) “Bunny” and now “Harvey.”

If I had a Rabbit that I wanted to name, I’d call it “Stew”

Last car I named was my 66 Fleetwood which I bought in 78 while in college. It ran GREAT…Interior was immaculate…the exterior was RUST…I called it the “Fly Dutchman” because the doors were so rusted out at the bottom when I reached speeds over 40mph they would flap in the wind like it was trying to fly.

In our family only my wife dreams up names for cars. Her 1977 Dodge Colt she named the “Pee Pot”, while her silver Nissan Sentra with the base engine and automatic got christened “Silver Bullet”.

Many years ago in College I had a particularly vile-green colored Chevy with a great heater(important on dates). My then-girlfriend named it the “Green Hornet”.

Texas law requires an alarm?

'66 bug=christine.Would always come back to life.

I understand Mergatroid is an unsavory Welsh word; my father-in-law, who hailed from Cardiff, used it frequently!

had a old buick growing up went up to the mountains alot to go hunting and camping so we called it the ‘backwoods buick’ that was a great time