Should You Name Your Car?

I am German but had to live 14 funny years in BOS. A man needs a Girl, a car and a bike, previous latter two easier to achieve. But my Irish-American Miss for many years told me that a car should be named. Changing a girl-friend is much easier than finding a car or a reliable Mafia mechanic on Somerville Av. By bye my Love but my current car in Mexico is named Nelson. It is just a habit.

was ist dann mit Ihre Latin Frau passiert die Sie in einem anderen Beitrag erwähnt haben?


Ich kann nicht deutch gesprechen, bitte

I only asked this PO what happened to his “Latin wife” he mentioned in another thread a few minutes earlier.

Ich war nur etwas sauer das ich den extra-schweren VW im Hochgebirge aus der Grube zerren musste aber nagut, die Fau hat bessere Qualitaeten und bin eigentlich noch gluecklich verheiratet, seit 11 jahren was ein Rekord fuer mich ist, aber ans Steuer von einem klassichen Auto zu Nacht lass ich sie nie wieder.
Liebe Grueese, Helmut.

oh gosh, a vehicle should only be named if you like the vehicle because any car that you denigrate will leave you stranded. evenwell liked cars will strand you if you don t appreciate them …

first you must determine the gender of said vehicle.

(pc people may wish to look away now…)

if the car demands constant attention it is likely female.

my trucks have all been reliable and loyal and loved, so they deserved to have dog names…

my first 75 ford truck was ford gold in color and was named Ol’ Yeller…

my current 75 ford is blue and is named Old Blue…

I am restoring an 85 ford f 350 now, 4 door.

it has a rebuilt motor, trans, and carb and will probably outlast me, so it is tentatively named “grey dog” , as in the wolf like dog in a jack London short story…

I can t really name it til it is on the road and I get to know it more personally.

it may end up being “black dog”.

it is primer grey now and I am trimming and striping it with black bedliner and may end up doing the whole truck in black, or black and blue like my current truck.

rust-o-leum bedliner is an amazing product!!!

so , yes, name any vehicle that you like, but name it kindly.

…and a warning. once you name a vehicle, kindly, it becomes almost impossible to get rid of it…


If I loved my car enough to name it, it would probably divorce me and take all my money! :scream:

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Where did this come from again from 2007? At any rate no its silly. My cars already have a name-Olds, Buick, Acura, etc. I won’t forget their names either because its written right on them. I’m not looking for a relationship with a machine. I don’t name my welder, table saw, routers, or lawn mower either.

My German is a little rough after 50 years but I did practice saying “Frauline, machen sie mine narben sehen (or something like that)” just in case she looked interested. Never got the chance to use it though. I quit though when I thought I was renting a car and ended up with a taxi.

‘machen sie meine narben sehen’ means ‘make them see my scars’

Naming a car is a cool idea. I think I will name my Mercedes Benz S-Class as my best friend Bevory. Bevory because it is the combination of my name Bev and my best friend name, It is a unique name for me because together with my best friend Lory, we used to adventure together wherever we go. We used to go the beautiful places that only first time in our lives being together. I think we will love this car forever. Bevory will be a great friendship sign for us.

Well people name their belongings all the time and I don’t think to name a car is bizarre. And everyone knows all vehicles are female. I kinda like Elanor for a car for example but I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Years ago a policemen friend bought a Plymouth Valiant for his wife. They lived in a dry area and corrosion was minimal. The car seemed to last forever and was soon called “Old Betsy”. The name stuck for over 20 years.

Like I said before, I can see naming your horse but my car is already named Pontiac and my welder is named Hobart. They were given names at birth. The rest is silly for adults.


Hey Bing! I see that you commented on this September/07 discussion. It has received over 700 replies!

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I suppose some folks would name their cars some off-color names…

…I remember hearing of a person thinking his name was Dammit. From his earliest years, that word proceeded every command from his Dad… “Dammit, stop that!” “Dammit, come here now!” “Dammit, go to bed!”


I had no idea it had 700 responses and don’t know how to fast forward except with the scroll bar. Life got better when I went from dial up to DSL and then on to cable. I hear ya though trying to work from home with dial-up was a chore.

I knew a family who’s 4 kids thought they had the same middle name “dammit”! It was actually just a family joke.

I believe that’s an old Bill Cosby routine.

In 1992, my daughter was moving across the US to teach school. She looked around and bought a new 1992 Saturn. It was a great car, she loved it. To her husband, to drive from McAllen to San Antonio is a polar expedition. She learned from us that San Antonio is first restroom stop. Once she was driving alone to the Snow Zone, total around 1500 miles each way, and it needed routine service. She contacted Saturn in San Antonio and made an appointment. I don’t remember for sure how long it took, but they put the whole crew on it, and I think in less than an hour she was back on the road. In those days, Saturn was a great car company. Then, GM took over!

Around the first part of this century, someone smashed it. They totaled it. Not seriously injured, but low value for even minor repairs. She drove it until she had a kid, and her husband decreed his new son was not being trucked around in a toy Saturn. so they donated it to a local bible school and got a new Honda mini-van, which is still going strong.

When she got that new Saturn, it had a car alarm that screamed if someone even got close to it. I told her any car smart enough to holler for its mommy when it was scared needed a name. To her horror I named it Ralph. She finally gave up and it was known as Ralph until they donated it.

In fact, if we mention it in a historical sense, we will say Ralph.