Should You Name Your Car?

I think my car should have a name, but can’t decide what to name her. I have a '98 Sebring JXi (convertible). Silver and black with all the options. She looks “girly” to me. She has her quirks, but is still reliable for me (fingers crossed). I am thinking “Sally”, but I am open to ideas for names.

I have only ever named one car in my life, I loved and hated her all at the same time. She graced my life for only 9 months and had personality in spades. She was an 81 Mitusbishi tredia bought in 1990. She would refuse to start and always flooded the carburator with gas if you even thought about putting your foot on the gas pedal before slipping the key into the ignition. When she flooded, the only way to get her started was to use another vehicle to push her grudgingly down the street at 30 miles per hour before popping the clutch into second and praying she decides to run. Her name was Missy B*tchy.

I’ve absolutely name my cars! Not at first of course, I have to drive it a little while to get a feel for it, then usually a name just pops into my head that seems to “fit” it.

Previous names have been Rachel (98 Cavalier) Betty (98 Cavalier), Ally (2002 Rav 4) and the current one I’m leaning towards Sue (05 Murano) but still a little iffy on it.

Yes, if you love your car surely you can name them. It depends on the design of the car whether to give them male or female name. If we care for them, they will care for us.

Yes, but only well thought out. For example, my 1970 Porsche 911S was named Penelope. Penny for short, but not for long as she required lots of dollars.

My current car 85 BMW M635 is named Mrs. Peel. The Avengers’ character name was a pun on “m appeal” English slang for sex appeal. Of course, an “M” has it’s own “M appeal”, hence the name.

We just bought my wife a new Mazda 3 Hatchback in “velocity red”, as Mazda calls it this year. She will no doubt create a nick name for it.The car lived up to its name as she has already had one speeding ticket.

I had a car that grew into a nickname, not a name. We called it Tank. It was a 1993 Chrysler Concorde with the 3.3L V6. When we finally got rid of it, it had 309,000 miles on it. Original engine and transmission. There was no major repair work done to it, only regular maintenance and replacement of parts like the water pump, etc. The thing is probably running somewhere still or used for parts. The thing just wouldn’t die!

@SubOu11 Yes, we had a 1988 Chevy Caprice V8, and my wife called it “The Tank”, When we went out for dinner with another couple she would say “I guess we’ll be taking the tank tonight”. We sold it in 2007 for $1400 in near perfect condition, to a German kid who was not old enough to have seen massive chrome bumpers. It’s probably still running out there guzzling gas.

I usually only name a car when it does not start. Because of expletives I am not able to give the exact names.

I did not name any of my first three cars. My subaru came to me with a name already “the deerslayer” since it has hit two deer, but I nicknamed it the “mini tank” because it has been hit by other cars several times since I got it and always manages to drive away. The “new” car I just got rid of, my ford taurus, was named the silver fox, because of being a 1995.

I name my car because i honestly think its cool. My cars name is ashley and i got metal chrome letters spelling it out on my car. Which is kinda cool. I love my car and i take extreme care to it. Only sits at 100k and i think it has another 200k miles before she dies out.

My first car was a 1955 Dodge Coronet model 550 - bought it off an older couple who made me promise to keep its name; Maude. I will say, I learned more about repairing cars with old Maude than any of my cars since.

Yes, I name all my cars Christine , starting with Christine 1. Now I’m up to Christine 10.

Christine? That’s really tempting fate:


In college I had a car exactly like Christine shown here, a 57 Plymouth. A real dog!

That actually makes sense.

Think I will name mine Cujo

Wow I think the car likes it!

I’ve never personally named one but like you have a few times called them names which I hope would be censored on this forum.

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@sgtrock21 I have all so used names that will not be found in Webster’s book.

Ah, so you are the one plagiarizing the names of my cars!