Shocks "breaking in"?


I have a new 2007 VW Rabbit. We noticed recently that when I drive slowly over bumps we can hear what sounds like air forcing out of the shock of the right front wheel (like a “whoosh” sound). I took it to the dealer and first, the guy there said he’d expect some noise to come out of there. That didn’t make much sense because none of the other wheels do that. Then when I picked up the car, the printout said that the noise was normal and the shocks may need breaking in. My dad says that’s insane. My boyfriend says that shocks are a closed system and air shouldn’t escape. I will probably take the car to the other dealer in town and see what they tell me. I don’t want to cause undue wear to the tire, which won’t be covered by warranty. Anyone ever heard of shocks breaking in? Does this noise sound normal?


[b]You’re dad and BF are correct. It’s not normal for a strut or shock to make this kind of noise.

Take it back, and ask that your drive another car simular to yours to see if that one makes the same noise.



I agree. Shocks (or struts) need no break-in period. Your shock will be doing the same thing as it does now for the next 10,000 miles.


That’s a good idea, though I thought that by showing the guy that the left side doesn’t make the same sound, he’d agree that something is wrong. Thanks!


That’s exactly what I’ve been afriad of. I wish this wasn’t such as ordeal! Thanks