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Boingoingoingoing sound with anti-lock breaking, seems ok on dry streets

When I stop in a dry spot, the breaks on my 98 Subaru wagon work just fine with no noise. When it is slippery, they don’t seem to catch as well and they “feel” like they grind just a bit – then I hear the noise. The boinoingoingoing noise. Is this safe enough to drive to my favorite mechanic who is about 20 miles from me? I’m calling them in the morning.Or perhaps I should go with someone I don’t know at all and drive a shorter distance? UGH.

SOunds like your ABS system is working perfectly normally. Do you have worn tires on your vehicle? ABS becomes more active on slippery stuff with tires that are worn or do poorly in the slippery stuff.

hmm, I’ll definitely check them again, but I got two new ones about 6 months ago and the other two were good at the time. thanks so much for the thoughts and advice to check out if the tires are worn! i’ve just never noticed the sound until now and it seemed, well, kind of scary.

Look for something in the car that isn’t tied down that could be making the noise. A grinding noise is normal and can be annoying.