2019 VW Atlas squeaks over bumps

Not sure if it’s the strut, dust boot or what. Have tried greasing it but won’t stop. Did stop for a couple days after turning dust boot a quarter turn, but returned louder. Both left and right front end makes the sound.

Warranty issue. Take it in, don’t try to fix it yourself.


Thank you for the reply. I had a 2018 before this one, started with same noise and was in 4 separate times to fix. Replaced strut, replaced some linkage that was worn, reinstalled boot twice - they couldn’t ever fix it so gave me a deal on a trade-in. I have zero confidence that my dealership, only one within 1.5 hours, can fix this so looking for other ideas.

Have you posted this on VW forums? Maybe other Atlas owners have an idea.

Kick the problem upstairs to VW at the corporate level. See owners manual for how.

I did post on the VW Vortex site, others have reported similar issue that was diagnosed as strut boot problem, not sure why my service dept is unable to resolve if others seem to be getting fixed. Or they just gave up.

Had another over there respond “I have the same issue. asked them about it after the 1000 mile inspection and they said it would be ordered and replaced under warranty. They said it could take two weeks because many people have the same issue.”

Waiting for a response to find out what the issue was and what part will be ordered as that might help my service dept.

Went down that road with the 2018. They offered me really good trade in and discount on 2019 so I took it. I’m thinking this is a design flaw with the Atlas and others either get it fixed correctly or just turn their radio up. Not sure if I should blame VW or service dept.

if I take it to a local, non-VW service dept and pay them to fix it out of my own pocket does that void any warranty I have? I’m sure the VW warranty wouldn’t cover whatever the other places fixes/changes but I’m so worn out from going back to my dealership and getting nowhere.