What's happening beneath my feet!?!

I am looking for a little direction from anyone out there with a measurable amount of car knowledge. I drive a 2003 Ford Focus hatchback and it has a strange quirk - occasionally when turning the wheel, I can feel something rubbing against the bottom of the car directly beneath my left foot. It happens most often when I am backing out of my angled parking spot. What can this be? And what can be done to repair it? Any ideas welcome. Please help!

Possibly it’s you ex-wife?

Or maybe your tire is rubbing when the wheel is fully turned - a visual inspection should tell you all you need.

The noise might be coming from a broken strut spring. I’ve replaced broken strut springs on a couple Focuses. They usually break right at the last bottom coil at the spring pearch.


Good call. I hear the Focus has a problem with broken springs. Also inspect the plastic fender liner.

the strut spring:

does this make “clunking” noises over bumps or speed bumps?

again, you mention when turning does it do this in a rhythm? this does seem like a broken McPherson strut. but the other front end guides could be an issue too. an inspection by a good shop could pinpoint this quickly, and for less $$ than a dealership.

i am NOT talking about a dealership, or a chain pep, jiffy, or discount shop. look in the yellow pages for a mechanic, ask your family, co workers, friends for a reference.

thank you all for your help! I’ll find a good place and get it checked out. At least now I will have something to tell the mechanic beyond incoherent babbling!