Can anyone voice their opionion on this



I got new tires and had them force balanced. My previous problem with vibrations is now not from the tires/wheels. What else it could be? Ball joints? Axle? Tranny? My tranny or something makes an odd noise while at idle, when pushing the clutch in seems to be less obvious. Some one told me it might be the throw up bearing? Could that cause all this? The vibration is like when your rotors are warped and you push gently on them, or when your tires are not balanced and coupled.


CV Joints / U joints

But it would be very helpful if you gave us more info. Like when do you feel it? When don’t you feel it? Is it speed related? Does stepping on the brake change it?

Doing diagnostic work over the internet is difficult enough, and providing as much information as you can helps everyone narrow down the possibilities.


I feel it more and more as it speeds up. It feels like you have a tire with a flat in it… That is not possible since I just got new tires and it also did it on my previous ones. Stepping on the brake would make it stop, but really really slightly. Also the car seems to wonder around, like one or the other wheel change directions. Or like they are not connected together. My start tower bearing was changed 3 times and I think it fails from this vibration. Even in neutral it does it while at high speed. Also when you go higher in revs and change gears seems to like get increased then settles to the original. When you accelerate it seems smoother. There is an odd noise when at idle. Like I mentioned, someone told me is the throw out bearing. Could a bad tranny cause this issues? Bad axle?


What kind of car are we talking about?


anyone has more input on this?


It might help us to help you if you provided the year, make, model, and miles of the car.

This sound like an old car that has more than one issue. Yes, a bad throwout bearing can make noises and even vibrations. Usually it’ll be more of a problem when you push the clutch in because it’s a thrust bearing and that’s when it’s under load. But it will not affect a strut.

Three times? The same strut? Somethin’ ain’t right here.

I think you need to bring this to a good independent shop and have them give it a thorough going over.


There’s not enough info to guess on these problems, but the mechanical aptitude of someone who would change a strut bearing 3 times in a row is suspect.
Is someone changing strut bearings and not the strut?

The trans noise is hard to say. A rough mainshaft bearing in the transmission could cause noise that could disappear when the clutch is depressed, IF the clutch is not dragging. You have checked the transmission oil I would hope.


the car is a ford focus 06… did not check the trany oil since its a manual…