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Share button on thread starer

@keith test per

Still saw no share button , as stated browser or add on issue?

@barkydog, which browser are you using?

OK I bought a google chromebook for $139 from cdw outlet, as a returned but ok item. So it runs chrome OS and Chrome browser but also has ABP, abd block pus as an add in installed. Now if you want me to investigate this further, at my desk at work I have xp media center, xp standard, win 2k, win 7 win 8.1, and linux yes it takes an 8 port kvm. At home is win 7 and the chromebook, unless you want me to add the smartphone, they made me get at work, so now I have to be able to be on 24 hr call and … well I was not up to stupid phone, call coming in, while on the phone not to worry if it is important they will leave a voicemail, now on 24/7 with remote access to scada and carp, gosh I like to leave work when i leave work, no longer an option. PS vista computer died, no worries, do not have a wish to recreate it. just to cavetch further I hate raid, another computer out of the 60 or so i manage raid has a failing hard drive, tomorrows problem, I have all these computers for testing hardground and now am like an old guy getting dragged into a brand new world learning about virtual desktops and thin clients, while setting up a nas for downloading videos from tv truck movies, to a nas and backing them up to a new blue ray recorder, while establishing wireless access pont via new fiber optic cables and infrastructure I am installing, sorry I love my job, thanks for listening. Then if you want me to expound on the other 75% of my job please ask.

For some odd reason I now see tweet, share, email this, and share this (new) no pop ups though. The share this does leave a pop up window that hangs on until I click somewhere else besides the window.

Barkydog, if you aren’t getting the share button, count your blessings.

@keith got it now, no ads but if I click somewhere else on the page the popup box goes away. Kind of a big data gathering for “advertisers” I suppose, but like those swipe your membership or rewards card at the gas station, grocery store, hardware store etc. that is going into a database somewhere, and to think somebody is no linking all those databases together would be denial as far as I can see, throw in debit and credit card purchases and tie it all together you would have a pretty good profile of your life. It is scary enough amazon remembers my credit card and 3 different shipping addresses, one for my mom, one for me, and one for work for fedex non residential delivery. My pet peeve about chromebook, no password or encrypted documents, for their ability to scan for targeted advertising.

Yep, @Barkydog, it is working as designed when you mouse over the Share This button and get the pop-up. You’re correct that clicking outside it makes it go away.