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Can we get rid of the "Share This" button, please?

@cdaquila , did you know that if you hover your mouse over the “share this” button, it pops up a window that you can’t get rid of without hitting escape (which is counterintuitive, where’s the close button)? Even if you opt out of the targeted advertising, the button still forces the popup. It’s very annoying and spammy. Anything you can do to make Vanilla stop with the popup bombing?

Hello, @shadowfax. I hear your concern about the pop-up. The developers have been working on the Community upgrades, and while I haven’t seen it yet, I do know I included the removal of said pop-up on the feature wishlist. When we’re closer to seeing a final product, I’ll look into less obtrusive sharing options. :slight_smile: I included all that as context to soften the disappointing news that I can’t really make a case to have it adjusted now. Make sense?

When the share box shows up all I have to do is click outside of it and it goes away. The thing is it says I can share with my friends and I don’t have any.

Never tried clicking outside the box but it should at least have a close button. Otherwise I’ve had to just close it and start over. Very irritating.

What VOLVO V70 said. I typed the same thing and then saw the question had already been answered.

Understood, @cdaquila . I know it can be hard reigning in the annoying corporate types who want their ad money. :wink:

While you’re in the mood to fix things, how about making the page numbers easier to differentiate? With dark blue and black, it’s hard to tell what page we’re looking at. I’m not the only one to have this issue, but only one of two I’ve seen complain.

I’m in the same camp as Volvo V70, and I don’t see the “share” button as an issue.

I do, however, agree that the page numbers are extremely difficult to differentiate, due to the similar colors. That shouldn’t be something that is very hard to fix.

For what it’s worth, I’m always receptive to feedback about what is working and isn’t. I haven’t ignored the comments about the page numbers. I can’t read them, either, and I’ve asked about fixing them. Unfortunately, I don’t do the actual fixing, and I’m told there won’t be any changes to the forum template until the new design comes out. After I solicited your input for the next edition of the community, I made it very clear the numbers must be more easily read. In the meantime, I can only ask your patience.

I’m in the camp with shadowfox, but I don’t see it as a big issue, just an annoyance. It’s like a slow moving car in the left lane, you can go around them on the right, but they are still an annoyance.

When I hover my cursor over the share button nothing happens, I am using a Mac, Chrome and adblock.


Yep, that’s why. I had whitelisted Cartalk, but rescinded that when that stupid button kept popping up every time my mouse went over it. I don’t see the popups anymore. :wink:

Adblock is good. An old app called “Proxomotron” does a great job too, and allows all sorts of customization, though it’s a bit hard to configure for some. Unfortunately the developer passed on some years ago, so there are no ‘official’ updates. I have not tried it on any Microsoft OSes beyond Win7.

I’m on a PC using Google crome and when I happen to hover over it…it disapears as soon as I click on any part of the post around the pop up.