Ad at the bottom will not close

I cannot get to the submit button because the google ad won’t go away. Trying computer 4. Emailed Doug. Chromebook first, win 10 laptop next, cellphone 3rd, win 7 seems ok to find the buttons but the ad will not close as it previously did.

Hi. Doesn’t close in all settings? Or doesn’t close on one particular platform? I’m not getting an ad and am on iOS. Thanks. Anybody else seeing this?

@MikeInNH Thank you for your feedback. I see there was another post for this. I will consolidate these and pass it on.

I get it, an ad shows up, I click the ‘x’ box on the top right corner of the ad, it then becomes an “Ads by Google” box with no way to get rid of it. Windows 10, Edge.

Another change - clicking on ‘CarTalk’ in the top left no longer takes me to the discussion home page, it takes me to the CarTalk web site. I have to scroll all the way up to the top of a discussion to get to the “Car Talk Community” name to click. So now I need to click on “Community” on the menu bar. Didn’t have to do that before.

Why does every update to this Community Forum make it worse ?

Clicking on the close X does not get rid of the ad . I can click on Community at the top of page in the red banner and return to the Community start page.

Lucky you can reply! wonder how many others cannot. Sure the 4th computer win 7 worked, but was ready to go to the Ubuntu laptop if needed. Does not everybody have 5 platforms to choose from? GEEK ME!

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Once you’re done typing then press the Tab key and then return. The tab brings the reply button into focus. The return key executes it.

I’ve deployed HUNDREDS of web sites. We’ve never had these p.roblems. Once a new site is developed we then spend weeks testing it before it’s dep.loyed. Doesn’t seem that’s happening here.

The only thing different for me is the numbers for the new and unread topics and the numbers for each comment went back to red I use an ad blocker so I don’t have any ad’s to try to close.


The advertising banner at bottom of page is very annoying. Prior to today I could click on the X and the banner would go away. But now it just stays around and covers up the Post and Cancel buttons. If I have a post a few paragraphs long it covers the bottom part of post. Very annoying. Someone should have tested this out before making it live.

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There are people testing this…it is us.


I was just about to give up using this website anymore, because the ads block access to the “post” button. There is no way to close or even relocate the ad pane; pressing the X only tells Google that you didn’t like that specific ad, and then a different ad appears in the same pane. Even after closing all of the different ads that are offered, and selecting “stop seeing this ad” the pane doesn’t go away, and just says “Ads by Google”.

It is only by following this advice, to select the non-visible post button that I am able to post a response. This is a major defect in the “improved” website.

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Trying the tab enter. OK it posts, but no button.

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I have Adblock so no ads buy the red Car Talk banner at he top of the page takes up about 25%of my screen.

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Thank you for all the replies. Earlier tonight I sent in the link to the discussion so it will be looked into. Sorry for the trouble.

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Also we seem to be getting a lot more red kike it was a while back.

Google ad gone, thanks for the quick response, Reply cancel buttons now visible.

Thank you !

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The button was there. It was just hidden.

At least someone realized the mistake having the ( Ask Someone Who Owns One ) on the Car Talk main page was a mistake. Now it just says Ask a Question and takes you the Car Talk Community site. Maybe that will reduce the number of those vague and hard to understand posts .
Might even cut down on the number of replies trying to guess what they were asking as one person tries to do.