OK, Now you have to fix the pop up problem

If your cursor scans across the share button, the share dialog box comes up even though you don’t want it to. Up till now, it has been an annoyance, but now when it comes up, it cannot be closed without either closing the session of actually sharing. I do not share from here and I never will.

This happens because I often use the keyboard to scroll down so I am not paying attention to the location of the cursor. As I scroll down, the share button slips under the cursor and up comes the box. I have asked that this box not come up unless it has actually been clicked on as it is a real inconvenience when it does come up.

hmmm. dialogue box does not come up for me unless I actually click the share button. even if my cursor is resting on share button

Hi @keith, the same thing happens to me when I use the keyboard to scroll and the cursor drags across. I find that clicking outside the box makes it go away - does that not work for you?