Anyone else bothered by those annoying popups?

I often use my keyboard to scroll down and if while doing this, my cursor just happens to go over one of those links to share, I get a pop up window, no mouse click required. This stops everything until the pop up is finished loading so that I can get rid of it.

When this forum first shifted to the new format, it did this and I complained about it then, and they fixed it so that a click was required, but it’s back. This is extremely annoying, cyberbabe could you please fix again?

@keith…I always keep my mouse arrow over to the side (in the white) when scrolling down. Having a mouse with a scroll button on top will keep you from having to use your arrow keys on your keyboard. I didn’t like it when my wife bought a wireless one with the scroll wheel but after a few minutes…I loved it.

I’ve noticed that occasionally, new to me in the last few weeks. Not happening enough to bother me.

I don’t get it for the facebook or twitter links, but the email and sharethis does pop something up

Bugs the daylights out of me too-Kevin ( things can be improved too much look at all the versions of windows)

Install an ad blocking extension on your browser.

I only go to this page on Car Talk and have never seen one pop-up. I see them on other web pages but hardly notice them.

I using Mozilla Firefox as a browser and I’m getting all kinds of ads that open up a survey, and others that open up a new web site featuring a search for new cars or other sales related to the topic on the site; such as a search for deals on new tires. It is frequent and annoying.

I have never noticed anything like that. Maybe because I am using a Mac

I use a Mac and I have an ad blocker installed, but it does not stop this type of popup window for some reason.

This type of pop-up is built into the web page. The web page is developed to read a database for any advertising that is paid for. If there is…and you mouse over that are in the page…then the ad is displayed. I personally HATE it. Some web sites are worse then others. It’s a way for a web-site to generate revenue.

In this case, it is only the green share this box that does this and I don’t see what it could be advertising. To me, it looks like a misguided attempt to make the page more convenient for the user, but this is one user who would rather not have this convenience.

It might be good for those teenagers who insist on sharing everything with everyone.

I guess having a MAC is paying off for me. I miss many of those. I seldom see one.

Look up the add-on AdBlock Plus for Firefox and download it. You’ll be glad you did

Overall on over sites, I agree.
But this one is there with me …l