Service light on 66 plate Peugeot 308 coming on weeks after a service

I had my Peugeot 308 serviced in January. The service light had been on for a couple of weeks prior to the service, but went off after it (assuming it was properly reset by the garage).

It’s come on again around 6 weeks later. Is it possible the service light wasn’t reset after the service, despite it having been off for 6 weeks? Or is this a sign of another issue?

I’m struggling to glean any info from the manual or Peugeot site. Has anyone had this before and got answers? Thanks in advance.

It’s likely that nobody in this US-based forum–including me–knows about the particular quirks of Peugeots*, but if that light was “off” for 6 weeks, its reappearance probably means a new issue. If it hadn’t been reset when it was last serviced, it would have lit-up immediately thereafter, or very shortly afterward.

*That marque has not been sold in The US since 1991.

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Oh wow, sorry I didn’t realise this was a US focused forum. But thank you for the opinion regardless - I’m sure you’re right and it’s a new issue.

Does the display show a maintenance code indicating which service is needed?

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Unfortunately not. This is the real problem - the documentation suggests there’s a clue to the meaning of the light via length of time it’s on in combination with flashes/noises, but it doesn’t do any of that. It just comes on and stays on, which I’m guessing is just the vanilla ‘your car needs a service’ light. Very confusing given that it’s been off for 6 weeks after the service.

I’ll try again and watch like a hawk to see if there are any clues. Wish I had an OBDII to check for error codes!

I don’t see why they can’t just show error codes on the dash. They have a 5" display already in there! :laughing:

The maintenance warning is a wrench symbol, that may have been reset. The “Service” warning can illuminate for low low tire pressure, low windscreen fluid, low oil level etc.

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No need to apologize! While Peugeots and Renaults are sold worldwide, both French marques have been absent from the US marketplace for decades, hence a lack of practical knowledge on this side of the pond.

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I’ll take a closer look at this - thanks! Fingers crossed it’s the windscreen fluid level :laughing:

Service Warning Light
The Peugeot 308 service warning light comes on temporarily due to a minor fault. The service light stays on constantly due to a serious fault where there is no dedicated fault light. A warning message may also be displayed on the dashboard. Minor faults include:

  • The engine oil level is low
  • The screen wash level is low
  • The remote control key battery requires replacement
  • The tyre pressures are low
  • The electric parking brake has a minor fault
  • Emergency Collision Braking System fault
  • The soot saturation level is high for the diesel particulate filter (DPF) / particle emissions filter (PEF) on diesel vehicles. To clean or regenerate the filter, continue driving at a speed of 40 mph until the warning light goes out.
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We get posts here from around the world, no worries. Modern cars tend to be designed pretty similar, irrespective of their manufacturer or country of origin, mainly b/c environmental laws are so similar throughout the world now. Many of the constraints in car design these days are due to environmental rules.

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Thank you weekend-warrior. I topped up screen wash and topped up tyres before reading your list as I routinely do that anyway. However, the light is now gone! Unfortunately that means I don’t know which (if either) of these things was the fault, but for now, the light is gone.

I don’t have:

  • Electric parking brake
  • Emergency Collision braking system
  • A diesel car
    and I also recently
  • Changed both key batteries
  • Had the engine oil topped up at service
    so those five can be ruled out.

Thanks for the help all :+1:

Your oil was low and you had someone top it off ? That is something every vehicle should do theirself. Are you not checking your oil level on a regular basis ?

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OP, just curious, what do you mean by the phrase “66 plate” in your post’s title?

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That is some sort of auto registration terminology that is unique to The UK.

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VDCDriver is right. 66 plate means second half of 2016. 16 plate would be first half.

Sorry Volvo-v70, I said the wrong thing. I didn’t mean they topped it up, I meant to say they changed the oil. I do check the dip stick regularly and top up oil if needed.

If Peugeot considers a low oil level to be a “minor fault” it’s no wonder their cars are generally junk.

Do you think oil level one quart low is a crisis?

Thanks for explanation, but still curious, is there a reason I’m not understating why that would be relevant to the topic?

It is not a crisis, but it needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later.