EVAP fault after service?

Looking for a bit of advice before I return my car to the garage for the third time…!

I have a 2012 Peugeot 3008 Diesel. Took it in for service and MOT a fortnight ago, was running fine other than a tyre losing pressure (which I mentioned).

Car came back having had steering arms replaced but tracking was way off with steering wheel sitting at about 10 o’clock.

Also idling rough, no power on acceleration and engine management and ESP lights on. Have found diesel on my drive. Tyre still losing pressure because they couldn’t find a leak. Coolant below minimum after a service and all the waste oil lying in the tray underneath.

It’s been back in and tyre seal and tracking dealt with. Coolant topped up, waste oil not removed! Engine management and ESP light still on… same driving problems as before, car reeks of diesel and when I open the fuel cap there’s a release of pressure.

Help! I really need to know how to approach this. Am I right in thinking this is an EVAP problem that could have been caused during the service?


Just in case any forum members are perplexed by that reference, the OP apparently resides in The UK, and the car had a mandatory Ministry of Transport inspection.


2 strikes. Shop is worthLess. Bite the bullet and go to different shop. Tell them what you are mad about and maybe they can help you.


Didn’t realise it wasn’t a UK forum :joy: just stumbled upon it and you seem a helpful bunch!

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Totally agree, but given my original budget went on the initial visit I feel they should fix the problems they’ve caused…

We try to be, and remember, you Brits and us Americans are simply two peoples separated by a common language.


Perhaps they just aren’t able to make it right.

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You need to get in touch with whoever regulates the shop.


I was unaware that diesel fuel systems had evaporative emissions system monitors in Great Britain.

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