VW Polo 6n2 "service oil" on LCD

I have a polo III 6n2, and when i started the engine today, a service OIL text came up on the display that i professionally marked on the image:

Now i found some tutorials on how to reset it, but i know next to nothing about cars. Should i be worried, and most importantly, i have an appointment with a mechanic already but its 200km away (college things). Is it ok to make the trip? I know the oil has been changed ~3k kms ago.

First off, Read Your Owners Manual. All your questions can be answered there.

That SERVICE OIL is there to tell you it is now time to change your oil. It assumes you haven’t done that before the light came on. You apparently did the change already so ignore the message. So now you need to turn it off. Read your manual, it will tell you exactly how to do that.

As for “college things” - Find a local shop in your college town BEFORE you need service. Ask local friends and teachers for shops they trust. There may come a time when you need service and you won’t be able to tow it 200 km for service.

Like Mustangman says , read the owners manual. I also suspect you are not checking oil level on a regular basis so do that now.

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Thanks a lot, i know local shops, just didnt want to go there if not necessary before doing a full service anyways.

@VOLVO_V70 i usually check before i go anywhere, its fine, but thanks.

The nomenclature on the left meter is interesting. Presumably that is the rpm meter. But it looks like it says “l/min” rather than “rpm” or “r/minute”. OP lives outside the USA presumably as I don’t think the Polo model is sold here, or is sold under a different name here. The coolant temp guage seems to be reading in deg C rather than deg F like it would be in the USA. All meters on the dash should include clearly labeled units imho.

I wonder what the “l/min” means? Maybe the word that corresponds to “revolutions” begins with the letter “l” in OP’s country? When I google “translater rpm English to german” it translates as “u/min”, not “l/min”.

I think the “l/min” is meant to read “1/min,” as in 1 revolution per minute, so 10 would be 10 revolutions/min times 100 or 1,000 rpm. Interesting to see how different places communicate measurements.

No pop up error on all VW polo, i suggest you visit a service workshop nearby for thorough check. Again, you should learn to check your oil and water level regularly.