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2000 Grand Am Service Vehicle Soon Light

The Change Oil light was illuminated for a short time on my 2000 Grand Am. This morning, on the way to get the oil changed, the Service Vehicle Soon light came on also. After the oil change, the Change Oil light went off, but the Service Vehicle Soon light stayed on. I stopped by my mechanic, who doesn’t like to change oil, since it does pay enough, and he said that there was something else that they should have done to reset this other light. He said it was in the manual, but I don’t find it. Can anyone help me with finding out how to turn it off?


I’m a bit concerned. The Service Vehicle Soon light usually is used to tell you you’re due for your routine maintenance, like your oil change. The Oil light tells you that you’ve lost oil pressure.

It sounds like you lost oil pressure and then stopped in for the oil chenge when the Service Vehicle Soon light came on. That would turn your Oil light off, but leave your Service Vehicle Soon light on. That has a reset protocol in your owner’s manual.

My concern is that you lost oil pressure. Do you ever check your oil level?
Post back.

Yes, It was fine. the change oil light seems to be set based upon the mileage in this car. It comes on after about 3500 miles

Apologies for the misunderstanding.
Unfortunately, I don;t have access to the GM documents, only to Toyota ones. If you an’t find it in the owner’s manual the dealer service center should be able to show you how to reset the light.


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