Feature Suggestions


Got any ideas for new features that we could add to this discussion tool? Maybe changes to existing features?

Is there some other website out there with a cool feature that we might like? Include a link or a screen shot in your comment.

If you like someone else’s feature suggestion, why not give it a good rating by clicking on the stars? (suggestions with lots of stars will be argued about with extra vehemence at our developer meetings)




Use Firefox and you already have it!

However, I think the post dialog should be movable and resizable. Of course, I have no idea if the programmers are willing to do that.


It doesn’t make much difference what the features are if your moderators keep censoring ten minutes worth of work. Your site cuts out half of my best replies. If all you want are weak answers; that’s all you are going to get.


Firefox has spellcheck for URL boxes, but this only started at firefox 2.0, I think.


Hi pleasedodgevan,
We accidentally had full moderation turned on on some of the discussions, so your best replies were automatically going into a holding queue. They have been liberated from the queue and we have turned off full moderation.

Thanks for the heads-up. Let me know if you experience any more hassles.

Product Manager Lackey


A nice feature of the existing BB that I’d enjoy seeing continued in the new version is to see the names of the OP and the most recent person to reply at a quick glance of all the topics.

Some regular posters consistently give such clear, professional answers that it is nice to be able to quickly scan for topics they are answering, particularly if I’m short on time I can spend on the board.

BTW, thanks for asking for user feedback!



Hear hear!



One feature that should be added for those that are new to the board is, before a question is posted, they must first provide the make, model, and year of the vehicle in question.

This would save a lot of wasted time and space that we saw on what? The three previous generations of this board?



How about a separate forum for alternative fueled vehicles (BEV, LPG, CNG, H2, biodiesel, maybe even HEVs/PHEVs too)? I never quite liked how just hybrids were singled out on the old board, but a separate area for all AFVs would be very helpful.


How about a way to go from thread to thread without having to go back to the index? Or am I just missing something?


As far as feature requests, I’d suggest looking at a major mainstream BB app like phpBB or Invision Power Board, and start copying features. Not being able to see the entire thread as you reply is incredibly inconvenient. I’m a member of multiple car boards and believe me: when you’re diagnosing a problem it’s more than a little helpful to see the original problem AND the suggestions that have been made.


Maybe I missed it but on the old boards there was a place to “jump to first unread post.” That’s a great feature when some of these discussions go on for a long time.


I would really like to see a poster’s # of posts or at least their join date. We have some real doozies join, post completely wrong info then disappear once they’re chastised enough.

Posters like OK, MB, Transman, VDCDriver and others have earned respect for their clear, correct information over the years and should be recognized for it.

And, where’s my cursor as I writing this reply?


More Cyberbabes.


I definitely agree with this. Transfer the old stats for people on to this board.


I want my quote button back! The one you could use to quote an entire post.

Where’s the forum index drop down? Aka, quick nav.

User stats. Avatars. Signatures.

Require that make, model and year be typed into the TAGS area.

That’s all for now.



Oh yeah.
And the



Amen, brother!


Ability to edit is a two-edged sword; if someone edits a post, the following posts may no longer make sense. On another forum I post to (cough-cough-Edmunds-cough), they allow editing for several minutes, I think maybe a half hour, after you first made the post. That gives you a chance to correct typos, but once the discussion moves on your post is locked down.