Reply indicators not consistent


Perhaps you can explain what triggers the reply indicator that appears in the upper right hand side of a post. They seem to be inconsistent. For example, I hit the reply button on a post and my reply has the arrow and icon for that poster indicating I am responding to them. In the same thread, I reply to another poster and the indicator does not show up. Someone replies to me, I see the notification if I click on my notification button but if I go to that post, the indicator is not present. Here is one example from a recent thread. Notice this causes confusion to other posters not knowing I was replying to someone else v the OP:

Notice my reply to Sgtrock21 has the reply indicator. Then, my reply to kurtwm1 does not. This happens all the time and I use the same control to initiate the reply…


@cdaquila Carolyn , Mr. Turbo needs clarification.


This happens to me, and I don’t know why. I often chime in to respond to a particular person and it registers like I replied to OP. It isn’t always wrong, but it’s wrong enough to notice.


While it isn’t consistent, a fairly large percentage of my replies are not identified as such.


Do you see any relationship with whether the post is replying to the previous post or instead to an earlier post? Is it possible that it normally doesn’t show the arrow/icon if you are replying to the immediately prior reply… But it does show if you are replying to an earlier message?