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Sebring Leaky AC Condensation

In May 2011, I got into the passenger side of my 2006 Sebring to find the foot area full of water, and it wouldn’t stop pouring in. So I had work done on the AC unit to fix a broken plastic part on the firewall. I am a snowbird who travels to Florida every fall, and subsequent to that work being done, I have had to have a line (?) cleared because the water drips into the driver’s side when I turn right. After clearing the line, it seems to be ok. This year, I had the line cleared and the problem persisted. My mechanic cannot figure out what’s going on. Does anyone have any thoughts or solutions?

Thanks. Sungal

@sungal are you sure it’s not coolant leaking into the cab this time?

I’m assuming the condensation drain hose is properly secured to the evaporator housing, and it doesn’t have any holes?

You might have a leak at the windshield or on the firewall somewhere.

There is a service bulletin for a revised HVAC drain tube for that car;

NUMBER: 24-018-05

GROUP: Heating & A/C

DATE: September 24, 2005

HVAC Water Leaks Onto Passenger Floor

This bulletin involves drying the carpet and dash panel silencer pad and installing a revised HVAC drain tube.


2004 - 2006 (JR) Sebring Sedan/Sebring Convertible/Stratus Sedan


The front passenger side carpet becomes wet when operating the A/C during hot humid weather.

05264688 Tube, drain
05191188AA Adapter, drain tube